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“The disease that fasting cannot cure, cannot be cured.” German Proverb

I have fasted repeatedly throughout my life and led thousands of people through fasts of between 3 and 7 days; some as long as 50 days. Fasting is the most powerful healing tool I know. I teach every client how to fast. Fasting is one of the great skills of life, a high art. Indispensable.

Whether you are seriously ill or in vibrant health and wanting more, fasting is the fastest, safest most elegant way to Heal your Health problems and rejuvenate your body.

Benefits of Fasting

Here are but a few of the many uses and benefits I have experienced. Do you identify with any of these?

  • Fasting annihilates acute illnesses.

    • It is a powerful remedy for colds, sore throats, flus, bladder infections, and ear infections.

  • Fasting reduces stiffness and pain in the joints

    • It markedly increases the effectiveness of body work and chiropractic

  • By fasting you overcome cravings, break addictive habits and regain your appreciation and desire for natural foods.

    • Fasting provides deepest rest to the vital organs.

  • It restores both energy and enhances sound sleep.

    • Very beneficial for persons who are deeply fatigued.

  • Fasting rapidly heals heartburn, gas, bloating and diarrhea.

    • I use it with remarkable results in Crohn’s disease, colitis, ulcers, GERD and all digestive disorders.

  • Repeated fasts markedly improve most chronic diseases like Arthritis, Diabetes, Auto immunity, Chronic Fatigue, Cancer, Heart disease, atherosclerosis, Thyroid disorders, and many more.


While fasting, you rest from your deeply entrenched habits and allow yourself to be completely vulnerable and present all the cravings that have ruled your behavior. You go through withdrawals, descend into hell, face your demons and take back your health, beauty and vitality.

Turn within and find the strength of your own goodwill toward yourself. You gain the power to govern your life more wisely. After a lifetime of over indulgence, of rushing and not pausing to rest, fasting brings you into true intimacy with yourself. You deliberately stop chasing your addictions and fleeing your problems. You pause to consciously allow yourself to fully feel your cravings, listen to your anxiety and allow your dis-ease. The result is that true healing takes place. It is unmistakable and verifiable by any and every means. Lab tests, symptoms, subjective evaluations of pain, energy, happiness, looking in the mirror.

I witness this every day in my practice. I see it proven consistently, unfailingly as dramatic improvements in all types of illnesses. The beneficial effects of fasting occur with the same certainty and reliability as do the benefits of exercise and sleep. Basically, the results are guaranteed… by nature.

When you experience that there actually lives within you a Healing power that Heals you… Truly, for real, Heals you; Your entire relationship to your body and to life changes dramatically. Life makes more sense.You discover a Self-confidence, an uncontrived sense of security about your health.


Why does the body heal rather than become ill or be injured by fasting? Ultimately, we do not know. Research has documented many of the mechanisms by which the body self-repairs during fasting. We can study the mechanisms by which the body heals, but the healing motivation and wisdom that informs these Healing mechanisms remains unknown. How does the body know how to self-repair seemingly every minute structure and function? Ultimately, the kindness and wisdom that guides the body’s response to fasting remains a mystery. Naturopathic doctors call this Great Mystery Vis Medicatrix Naturae or “The Healing Power of Nature.”

Fasting is what every living creature instinctively does in response to illness and injury. They stop and surrender themselves completely to the healing power of life. How mysterious it is, that when we release all our efforts to cure, destroy or avoid our misery when we give up doing anything at all and just turn ourselves over to the wisdom of our body. It heals itself, by itself, like every other living creature.

Here are some additional thoughts...

I find it astonishing that there exists actually and for real, a directly experiencable means by which we can Heal ourselves of our maladies. My astonishment is as great or greater today than when I first discovered that we are innately Self-Healing. Since that moment in 1969, Self-Healing has been the dominant interest of my life. I still remain perplexed that more folks are not similarly astonished when they hear of or experience their own Healing Power.

The more clearly folks understand that they possess the power to Heal themselves, the less interested they become in medicine and the dependency on others.

Empowered people, those who know their power and how to wield it, become mightily disinclined to succumb to the use of medicines. There is rarely a need. Understanding of one’s own Healing power dramatically reduces the fear of disease.


Fasting is not a cure. I am very skeptical of the belief in most so-called “cures,” and see only cause and effect. Illness results from real causes and will continue without end until the causes are discovered and stopped. In a world of cause and effect the only way to end our suffering is to stop producing the causes of our suffering. This is basic Buddhism. The causes of most illnesses are not at all mysterious. We perform these causative actions every day. They are completely obvious to the trained eye. We obfuscate the causes because they are so frightening to admit and enormously difficult to correct.

Obfuscation does not change the facts. Healing results only by ceasing to engage in our self-harming actions. Fasting in this sense is an expression of our naturopathic principle, “First, do no harm.”

Fasting from eating is but one way of stopping harm. We may also fast from injurious and toxic thoughts, emotions,movements and relationships. Life plays for real. By our actions we determine our Health. Every thought word and deed we perform, either harms or benefits us. There is no alternative.

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