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What to Expect..

“Your illness is a message. Your symptoms provide clear instructions for the care that your body needs to heal. You are self-healing. ” -Charley Cropley, ND

Nourish: Naturopathic Healing Arts offers education in vitalistic nutrition, fasting and mental health practices that will restore health and balance to the immune system and begin to reverse illness. Our approach to care restores the body's natural regenerative and self-healing functions. This relationship between doctor-teacher and patient-student is a collaborative deep dive into the layers of healing and restoring vitality.


Every step on the patient journey-- from the first consultation throughout the entire healing journey --circles around the same principles and practices that we address in your first consultation.  We fully integrate and ground this healing work with these practices and principles, working in realtime with successes, failures and obstacles within the circumstances of a participant's body and life situation.  These principles are:

  • Understanding The Wisdom of Illness and the language of your body

  • Cultivating skillfulness in eating, moving, thinking, and relating 

  • Mastering behavior 

  • Deepening kindness, truthfulness towards yourself and others. 

Each participant begins with an introduction of present condition and the Nourish model for self-healing, followed by a Naturopathic Health Evaluation.  Once your full evaluation is complete, a Guided Course is recommended to best serve your whole health and healing.   If you have any questions about what to expect or if this work is for you or for assistance with booking appointments, please reach out.  

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  • Discover the root cause of illness

  • Develop peace of mind and positive self-talk

  • Gain strength, poise and grace in the physical body

  • Find emotional vibrancy, happiness and hope

  • Stop unintentionally increasing the severity of your symptoms

  • Avoid unnecessary, expensive and damaging surgeries and prescriptions

  • Learn how to create the level of health desired simply with your own actions, not with pills

  • Gain the knowledge needed to use your diet, exercise and mind to heal future health concerns

The Particulars

Where to begin..

Engagement begins with a Preliminary Health Consultation.  If this work is for you,  we'll schedule a Naturopathic Health Evaluation followed by a recommended Guided Course.  

What does this look like?


Nourish is high touch and engages with a small number of patient-students so we are able to work with each individual closely, which includes monitoring recommended therapies, support, and practice performance.  Every patient-student has full access to the level of support required to radically improve health.  We schedule visits,  phone consultations, email, texting as frequently as needed.



Because of the nature of our work, our fees are not calculated out, accounting for each minute spent together, in any communication form. Patient- students pay one flat fee for several months of care that includes all our communications.   For more information on fees, incentives and funding option, please visit us here.  


We work with persons in distant locations using HIPAA compliant business software with a tele-health video conferencing feature.   This platform allows patient-students a personalized experience of their entire health background, medical records, communication as well as tracking tools such as eating journal,  meditation monitoring and tracking practices specific to a participant.   

If we are seeing you in person, you will still have access to Healthie. To learn more about Healthie and HIPPA compliance, please visit them here.   

We've made a video with instructions for navigating the Healthie Portal for appointments.

How we work with your existing health protocol


At times, we are stepping into a healing journey, with other practitioners and physicians.  We regularly work in concert with other skilled practitioners,  the present medical team and protocol.   Nourish understands and respects there are oftentimes many steps in how patient-students comes to be engaged in their present health protocol. Whether coming off medication or reducing medication is a decision made with your primary care provider.  We hope to improve your health and circumstances so that conversation becomes necessary.  Recommendations for new therapies and supplementation occur with some regularity. 



We will examine the medical and metabolic components of your diagnosis.  We'll explore skills and challenges in eating and movement, as well as your psycho-social-spiritual challenges.  Aside from what is happening in the body, we will gently and compassionately assess your addictions, fears, relationships, integrity, will power, fragility, and intelligences.  

Unique Individuals Require Unique Solutions


Nourish adapts every instruction to the personal needs and capabilities of each patient-student.  Assignments and modification in eating, movement, and self-reflective practices are designed to meet each patient-student exactly where they are at physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.   

Couples Healing Together


Nourish encourages couples to do this work together.  The added benefits of support and joining each other on the journey to empowered self-healing cannot be spoken clearly enough with words.  As an added incentive, Nourish gives an impressive discount to those couples wishing to launch their journey together.  Please reach out if this is you.  

Group Healing

Nourish often teaches existing groups of clinics, meditation & yoga groups along with a variety of wellness centers.  Please reach out if you'd like to know more about group training.  

Hours & Days of Service

Hours for appointments can be made from Tuesday-Friday from 10 AM-6 PM MST.   

What patient-students say about their experience...

I was referred to Dr. Cropley by a dear friend who took one of his seminars about food being medicine. I was recently diagnosed with a serious condition and was feeling frustrated that my doctors just put me on a pill and wanted to “watch it”. There is never discussion about how to HEAL disease, only how to maintain disease. I was excited to find someone who took the time to look at the whole picture of my health and help me be proactive to reverse my condition. Dr. Cropley is a kind and compassionate man with so much knowledge to share. I feel like I am in good hands. -Pamala R.

What to Expect..
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