Talks and Interviews


Discovering your innate Power for self-healing

Dr. Cropley joins Robyn Openshaw (Green Smoothie Girl) on her “Vibe - Your high vibration life podcast”, to discuss his passion for Self-Healing and what led him to dedicate his life and practice to teaching this to others.

(November 2018)


Conversations with Elders podcast

Dr. Peter Raisanen interviews Dr. Cropley about his relationship with Self-Healing through the use of tools such as fasting and self-reflection. Dr. Cropley describes how the ability to Self-Heal is a uniquely human attribute.

(November 2018)


The heart revolution

Razi Berry creator of Natural Path, Love is Medicine, and Naturopathic Doctor News and Review, invites Dr. Cropley to talk about radical Self-Healing for our hearts, emotionally and physically as part of her heart health summit, “The Heart Revolution.”
(March 2017)