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Consultations & Courses
Expertise in Transformative, Empowered  Behavioral Medicine

"Self healing is the most joyful of all processes.  It is enlivening, energizing, relaxing.  Our pain abates, we start enjoying our body, our conscience becomes our friend, we like ourselves a lot more. We feel, act, and look healthier, more beautiful. Our inflammation subsides, digestion quiet, elimination flourishes. We grow stronger.  We stop rushing. Our lab tests improve and we experience the joy in the body." -Charley Cropley, ND

Every course taught at Nourish is supported with individual and ongoing visits with the doctor along with appropriate monitoring.  We work with skilled functional medical diagnosticians to provide in-depth laboratory evaluation for patients who need and want to understand the metabolic causes of their condition and have ongoing objective markers of their improvement. Participants receive specific education and practices from a skilled naturopathic physician throughout the length of engagement. Guided Course are one-on-one visits with our naturopathic specialist, Dr. Charley Cropley or another recommended naturopathic practitioner, as specifically required for a person to heal and become the very medicine required for sustained healing.   But let's not jump ahead of the conversation.  You may be wondering how to begin with this sort of naturopathy, how to engage or you may be wondering if this work is for you.    Every healing journey with Nourish begins with an evaluation of where a new patient-student's health and behavior is today, at this moment.  


The Preliminary Consultation and Naturopathic Health Evaluation is the intake portion of our work which includes:


  • Review of health history,  present condition, treatments, medications, family history

  • Evaluation of skillfulness and self mastery:  eating, moving, relating and thinking

  • Evaluation of ability to show compassion and understanding to oneself  

  • A Report of Findings including a behavioral diagnosis,  therapeutic regimen and prognosis

Nourish educates in vitalistic nutrition, fasting and mental health practices that will restore health and balance to the immune system and begin to reverse illness.  This approach to care restores the body's natural regenerative and self-healing functions. This relationship is a collaborative engagement between doctor and participant toward wholeness, peace and health.  



What patient-students say about their experience...

When I think of the men I know who stand for integrity and truth, Charley Cropley stands with the men I know and respect. His knowledge and dedication to health and well being is based on years of study and practice and he is who I look to for advice when I am wanting guidance toward my own health and well being. Thank you Charley for inspiring me to heal myself with natural foods and practices. -Don T.

Consultations & Courses

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