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 Physician, Heal Thyself Training

Transform your connection to body, work and relationship with patients & illness

Case Studies:  June 18th, 2023
An Introduction to Self-Healing: September 23, 2023

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4 Weeks
5 Session
Exceptional Support

The Physician, Heal Thyself course teaches, inspires and supports doctors and licensed healthcare professionals through the process of healing themselves by identifying and engaging the root causes of their own illness and suffering.  This is the  complete teachings of Charley Cropley, ND.  It’s a 45 year well studied, refined and proven process for self healing.   

Physician Heal Thyself teaches, inspires and supports doctors to heal with the compassionate, wise use of our thoughts, words and actions--by being the actual medicine that heals.   In this course, we examine our behaviors of eating, moving, thinking and relating to discover the most fundamental causes of our illness and/or anxiety.  Together we engage in the essential and formidable work to free ourselves from deeply instantiated habits of living that poison, exhaust and traumatize us. 


We'll make powerful physical changes in our ways of eating and working out. These physical changes emerge by the power of our self-reflective and embodied meditative practices by which we access the wisdom and compassion that heals our behavior which heals all forms of illness. 

Kindness, trutfulness and community are our polestars, the universal medicines.  We heal together.  We, as a community have a character and identity that informs and strengthens each individual.  We give and receive kindness, witness and are witnessed, speak truthfully and listen compassionately, understand and are understood.  

Beginner's Course: An Introduction to Self-Healing

Next Course Start:  September 2, 2023​

The Level 1 Physician Heal Thyself Course trains doctors to conduct a 25 minute Preliminary Examination  using a discovery process designed to gently probe around all the routines in a patient's life to understand how healthy or unhealthy the entire ecosystem of a patient's life presents, along of course, with a health history similar to what you would find in any general healthcare practice.     In this four week course, we invite you to become the patient--you, the healthcare professional.   We begin to uncover the the ways we damage ourselves and ways we are already taking care of ourselves.  

Case Studies

Next Course Start:  June 18th, 2023​

There is no difference between practice and regular living. We just call practicing “practice” and the rest of our day we assume we will be less consciously attentive and caring than the way we are when practicing.   For example, breathing. We can formally practice breathing for 15 minutes a day, and ... and we are breathing in every moment. Why can’t our breathing be a source of aliveness and vitality for us throughout our day? Engaging this question by actually trying to remember, to wake up, to breathe consciously. 


Truth desires to appear. 

Truth longs to become conscious. 

Truth strives to know itself. 



  • Refine your ability to listen.

  • Learn to discern who your patient is, what the patient wants, and their capacity for the great work and honestly required

  • Learn to assess conscience and will--to recognize limiting beliefs, the patient’s fear, self-esteem and  identity and how they perceive themselves.


You cannot find the answers to these questions by asking them directly. You find the answers by listening for them. The entire work can be summarized as learning to listen…curiously, compassionately..mirroring for them the work they'll learn to do for themselves



  • We learn what it means to witness ourselves, to observe dispassionately what we are experiencing in our conversations. What is happening in us physically, emotionally and mentally? 

  • We learn how to listen with our body. 

  • We develop our sense of intuition and reason, 

  • Overall we are cultivating a holistic way of sensing by which we can discern the scent of healing and the stench of sickness. 


  • There is only one. You learn how to take a case. How to examine a patient. 

  • Taking a case is to skillfully steward honest, compassionate dialogue about meaningful questions.  Our dialogue with our patient is the means by which we both diagnose and treat the root causes of illness.  

  • You learn to listen compassionately, speak authentically etc. 

  • How and when to use Hara (movement with breath practice) with patients


Method of Instruction


  • Being our own medicine is the core teaching. Discovering anew that we ourselves are the source of the loving wisdom that heals real disease and suffering. 

  • We are instructed primarily by example. We are shown how to ask meaningful questions, listen compassionately, speak truthfully, conduct a report of findings, breathe, etc. 

  • We are earnestly engaged in improving the ways we eat, think, move and relate. 

  • We learn to diagnose and treat the behavioral causes of illness. 

  • We examine others’ behavior and others examine our own. 

  • We discuss our diagnoses, therapeutic regimens and prognoses. 

  • We prescribe and are prescribed therapeutic regimens. 

  • We accept necessary and daunting behavioral changes. 

  • We function as a community.  All that we do, we do together. 

  • The way we communicate and treat one another empowers each of us to do actions that are impossible to us on our own. 

  • Our core practice is embodied kindness, a meditative state in which we unite our behavior with our innate wisdom and kindness. 

  • We practice breathing, relaxing and posturing multiple times each day.

  • Completing the questionnaire for the Preliminary Consultation 

  • Creating a preliminary, personal self-diagnosis, therapeutic regimen and prognosis. 

  • Dialoguing in small and large groups on zoom calls  

  • Mid-week meet ups for ongoing education, inspiration and support

  • Each doctor conducts a Preliminary Consultation with one or more of their own patients. 

  • Videos, articles and recordings of Dr. Cropley and other teachers. 


Working with Patients


Doctors are trained and mentored in how to work with patients with clinically diagnosed illness by learning to diagnose and treat the behavioral causes of illness as found in the ways that their patients eat, move, think and relate. They similarly learn to examine and assess their patients’ self-discipline and their ability to give and receive kindness and how clearly they understand themselves and are honest with themselves. 

Doctors practice cultivating inspiring, meaningful, therapeutic dialogue by learning to listen compassionately and speak truthfully with their patients. They learn how to offer their patients a meaningful explanation of the real, practical ways that their everyday behavior and ways of living are presently contributing to their clinical illness and how their behavior offers the most powerful means of healing available to them. 


Upon completing the course doctors are eligible to take a simple test to demonstrate the skills they have learned. They are then given access to and rights to use all the course materials including Healthie, the patient portal. 

Leaf Stem

How skillfull are we doctors, at directing our thoughts, words and deeds? How capable are we at doing the actions that we know with certainty are beneficial for us? And how well are we able to not do or stop doing the actions that harm us? Do we have the power and intelligence to free ourselves from deeply seated habits? 


Our behavior is the dominant influence on whether we succumb and heal from disease. Our behavior is the essential foundation of our health. If we are unable to direct our behavior intelligently; if we cannot stop doing what harms us, how can we have any realistic hope of attaining or regaining our precious health?  --Charley Cropley, ND

​You will derive even greater benefit from Physician Heal Thyself if another healthcare professional or other member of your clinical team enrolls as a partner.  To receive group discounts for this course, please contact us.  

What patient-students say about their experience...

I am grateful for the seeds of loving kindness that have been planted in my consciousness. Thank you for the clear and succinct explanation of the ways self-destructive behaviors and addictions occur and can be healed. I truly believe anything can be healed by true, authentic self-love. I haven’t always believed this.  -Marc W.

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Physician Heal Thyself
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