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 Physician, Heal Thyself Training

Transform your life, work and relationships with patients & illnesses

The Physician, Heal Thyself course teaches, inspires and supports doctors and licensed healthcare professionals through the process of healing themselves by identifying and engaging the root causes of their own illness and suffering.  This is the  complete teachings of Charley Cropley, ND.  It’s a 45 year well studied, refined and proven process for self healing.   


This course in self-healing trains doctors and healthcare professions to use their own body-mind as an instrument of healing themselves and others.  It gives you a clear path to uncovering the root causes of illness found in using four distinct behaviors.  Teaching the art of self healing is compatible with and strengthens all forms of medicine and healing. The practice of self healing, of improving one’s behavior absolutely assures better clinical results.


This behavior based approach encompasses three essential aspects:


  • Learning the principles and practices of self-healing

  • Personal and clinical practices you can implement immediately.  

  • Peer support


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Charley's letter to participants of the Physician Heal Thyself course.


  • The Physician, Heal Thyself course is offered to all licensed health care professionals.. including acupuncturists, chiropractors, physician assistants, nutritionists, nurses, physical therapists, psychotherapists, massage therapists and health coaches. 

  • The webinars are free of charge, and of course, we accept donations.  

  • This Course is also entirely supported by donations.  We encourage you to give in kind to what you receive from this engagement.  

  • Continuing Education credit is available for this course.  

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How skillfull are we doctors, at directing our thoughts, words and deeds? How capable are we at doing the actions that we know with certainty are beneficial for us? And how well are we able to not do or stop doing the actions that harm us? Do we have the power and intelligence to free ourselves from deeply seated habits? 


Our behavior is the dominant influence on whether we succumb and heal from disease. Our behavior is the essential foundation of our health. If we are unable to direct our behavior intelligently; if we cannot stop doing what harms us, how can we have any realistic hope of attaining or regaining our precious health?  --Charley Cropley, ND

LEVEL I:  You are the Medicine

The nature of this teaching is experiential--you are the patient.  Participants will actively engage in healing the same difficult challenges patients face.  Physician Heal Thyself emphasizes honest engagement in the self-healing process, and a deepening of compassion and body awareness.  The community of peers in Physician Heal Thyself supports each participant powerfully.  

Level I of Physician Heal Thyself trains physicians and licensed healthcare professionals to conduct the first visit of a two visit workup. Over a six week period participants learn to perform behavioral diagnostics, a report of findings, prognosis, and prescription of behavioral therapeutics. This is a preliminary examination of the wellness provider's  human condition.  

This is a six-week course which guides you through the process of self-healing as a patient, as a peer and as a healthcare provider.  The instruction and skills you learn become valuable assets, spreading healing and maturity into every aspect of your life.  

Level I of Physician Heal Thyself primarily teaches the following skills*: 

*The (PHT) training consists in both applying these skills personally as well as teaching others.   


  1. Being kind & truthful in the presence of others

  2. Healing deeply seated habitual behaviors

  3. Teaching by example 

  4. Conducting behavioral diagnostics, report of findings, prognosis, and prescription of behavioral therapeutics

  5. Perform an intitial evaluation of an eating journal

  6. Being the protector and healer of our body 

  7. Asking meaningful questions & guiding therapeutic dialogue

  8. Treating the patient, not their disease 

  9. Listening compassionately and speaking truthfully 

  10. Being the witness of our thoughts, words and deeds

  11. Cultivating an honest, compassionate relationship with ourselves, with participating doctors and one's own patients 

  12. Conducting healing dialogues between conflicting aspects of ourselves. 

  13. Learning a guided meditative practice emphasizing breathing, relaxing and posturing 

  14. Utilizing course materials for deep self-investigation. 

Engagement time:  

6  week course*

5 Sessions  (90 minutes each)

Estimated time commitment is one hour per day*

*Physician, Heal Thyself requires a commitment of an hour a day minimally, depending on whether one already engages in regularly scheduled practices of eating, working out and self-reflection. 


Please reflect deeply on your priorities and values and decide if you are really willing to dedicate the time and energy required to heal what you want to heal and learn what you want to learn. 

After learning to conduct the initial visits you become eligible to enroll in any of the Guided Course, for example, Food Is Your Best Medicine, The Wisdom of Illness, The Four Behaviors, Self-Mastery, or The Three Medicines. 


You will derive even greater benefit from Physician Heal Thyself if another healthcare professional or other member of your clinical team enrolls as a partner.  

To enroll in this course individually or to discuss group practice courses, please contact us.  

What patient-students say about their experience...

I am grateful for the seeds of loving kindness that have been planted in my consciousness. Thank you for the clear and succinct explanation of the ways self-destructive behaviors and addictions occur and can be healed. I truly believe anything can be healed by true, authentic self-love. I haven’t always believed this.  -Marc W.

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Physician Heal Thyself