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Nature’s Price

Nature sets a price on learning how to heal through teaching. Nature's price is real and non-negotiable in the same way as the price for gaining the strength to do 25 push-ups or the practiced ability to grow a healthy garden.

It is impossible to teach others to heal in any way that we ourselves have not learned to heal. It would be like teaching a language that we cannot speak or understand.

We ignore this fact, at least for now, we soothe ourselves with the assurance that “someday, some other time, when we have more time ...” we will study and practice more fully. We fully intend to come back to doing this work ... just not now."

The power to heal, the most most desired power in the universe comes feels like it comes at a great price, yet it's like any great growth and the benefits far outweigh any temporary pain we experience. Truly, when we are enhanced, everything and every patient we see is better for the engagement.

Steady as we go, peers!

Much love,


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