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The Preliminary Health Consultation
& Naturopathic Health Evaluation

The Art & Practice of Self-Healing Begins Here

Preliminary Health Consultation

The Preliminary Health Consultation is a meeting between a potential patient-student and a skilled naturopathic doctor, online or in-person.  Prior to the start of the preliminary consultation, we gather information about present health, behaviors and eating philosophy.  Please plan an hour to accommodate collection of health information, prior to this visit.  This information is thoroughly reviewed, so the beginning of the time spent with the doctor is used constructively. This in-person or telehealth consultation for naturopathic therapy has the potential to lay the foundation for empowered, sustained healing! 


The Naturopathic Health Evaluation


Naturopathic Health Evaluation are meant to get to the root of dysfunction.  This evaluation informs. Whether in-person or online, our naturopathic doctors will guide each participant through a full health history and review of existing conditions, present treatments and an evaluation of behavioral affecting health and peace of mind. Recommendation and instruction for supplementation and therapies may be given, yet our primary focus will be on behaviors:  the quality of movement, eating, thinking, and relating.

Nourish Naturopathic Health Evaluations works with and alongside current pharmaceutical an supplement protocols. Recommendations for additional or replacement supplements, therapies and tracking of present behaviors are part of this evaluation. The purpose of our in-person and online naturopathic doctor evaluation is to understand the participant's barriers to healing and develop a plan for healing that meets a person exactly where they are with their health, motivation and life circumstances.


This evaluation alone does not offer long-term health, but rather informs and paves the way for future healing.  If the root cause of dysfunction—and it is different for each individual—isn’t unmasked, a new dysfunction will eventually appear.   These evaluations help the patient-student and Nourish see clearly where healing is necessary.  


When I think of the men I know who stand for integrity and truth, Charley Cropley stands with the men I know and respect. His knowledge and dedication to health and well being is based on years of study and practice and he is who I look to for advice when I am wanting guidance toward my own health and well being. Thank you Charley for inspiring me to heal myself with natural foods and practices. -Don T.

What patient-students say about their experience...

Particulars of a Naturopathic Health Evaluation:

Participants receive a personalized therapeutic regimen designed to produce marked improvements in health.


Assessments & recommendations regarding the following:

  • Diagnostic testing (if necessary)

  • Referrals to other specialists (if necessary)

  • Evaluation of behaviors inflicting damage on health

  • Assessment of the main organs and organ systems involved in illness

  • How deeply seated, how serious is the dysfunction and  illness

  • Prognosis & timeline for your recovery

  • Specific recommendations for improving eating


  • Program materials

  • Study materials & practical assignments in self-healing

If this is your first time visiting us, welcome!  When booking an appointment, please choose a Preliminary Health Consultation.  

If you are familiar with this work or have already completed a Preliminary Health Consultation and would like to begin,  please make an appointment for a Naturopathic Health Evaluation

The Preliminary Health

Naturopathic Health Evaluation
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