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PHT:  The Physician, Heal Thyself Training

Transform your life, work and relationship with patient & illness

You are the Medicine

This Guided Course covers the fundamentals of an initial workup using behavioral diagnostics and therapeutics, report of findings, prognosis, and prescription of behavioral therapeutics.   We are still treating from a disease model if we do not consider the human condition.  The Physician Heal Thyself guided course offers a model of true healing rather than a model of disease.


Students will actively engage in healing the same difficult challenges patients face.  Physician Heal Thyself emphasizes honest engagement in the self-healing process and a deepening of compassion and body listening.  The method of instruction in Physician Heal Thyself supports the physician personally.  This guided naturopathic certification training is an engagement in every step of the initial consultation as seen through the eyes of the patient, practiced with other wellness practitioners and/or doctors, and finally with patients. 

This behavior-based approach encompasses three essential aspects:

  • learning the art and application of vitalism & self-healing

  • practices for implementing this art both personally and professionally

  • peer support 

"As a naturopathic doctor, my primary focus is healing my own suffering.  By so doing I am able to better understand and have compassion for my patient-students and thereby guide them to do the same for themselves.  Hippocrates said to his students, “Physician, Heal thyself.”  This is one of the greatest principles of medicine."  -Charley Cropley, ND

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How skillfull are we doctors, at directing our thoughts, words and deeds? How capable are we at doing the actions that we know with certainty are beneficial for us? And how well are we able to not do or stop doing the actions that harm us? Do we have the power and intelligence to free ourselves from deeply seated habits? 


Our behavior is the dominant influence on whether we succumb and heal from disease. Our behavior is the essential foundation of our health. If we are unable to direct our behavior intelligently; if we cannot stop doing what harms us, how can we have any realistic hope of attaining or regaining our precious health?  --Charley Cropley, ND

This Course trains doctors and wellness professionals in the following essential skills:

Performing behavioral diagnostics, report of findings, prognosis, and prescription of behavioral therapeutics

evaluation of an eating journal 

Discover why protocols are secondary, and behavior is primary in treating illness and sustaining health

Naturally cultivate intimacy and trust with patients

How to guide patients through the challenging aspects of following a protocol.

Learn to guide patients into a vitalistic and sustainable lifestyle.

Programs included:


 The Preliminary Health Consultation & Naturopathic Health Evaluation  (Sessions, Syllabus, & Investment) 

Overview of the course: Symptoms to Spirit,  EmbodimentExpectations

How to keep an eating journal 

Understanding the Naturopathic Health Assessment (The clinical relevance of the questions.  How to study and organize a Naturopathic Health Evaluation, How to evaluate an eating journal.)

Performing a Naturopathic Health Evaluation:  (medical history, medications & supplements; labs & relationships, present regimen and relationship with other health providers)

Formulating meaningful questions 

Report of Findings, prognosis, and prescription of behavioral therapeutics


Five Clinical Consultations (90 minutes each)

Engagement time:  

6  week course*

*These Guided Courses are designed to work with and fit into your present schedule, health, work and lives as they exist at the time of booking.  

After learning to conduct the initial visits you become eligible to enroll in any of the Guided Course, for example, The Physical Self-Examination, The Wisdom of Illness, The Four Behaviors, Self-Mastery, or The Three Medicines. 


You will derive even greater benefit from Physician Heal Thyself if another doctor or other member of your clinical team enrolls as a partner.   Discounts are available for two or more doctors (or team members) enrolling at the same time.  

To enroll in this course or to discuss group practice courses, please contact us.  

What patient-students say about their experience...

Working with Charley has been one of the most eye opening and educational experiences in my life. I could not recommend him enough. Before meeting Charley I had no idea that it was even possible to heal myself, and his wisdom, kindness and love has helped guide me to find my own inner power to live my best and healthiest life. -Cassie R.

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Physician Heal Thyself
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