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You do not get figs from thistles nor grapes from thorns

Shame begets shame

Kindness begets kindness

The practice of self healing is the practice of kindness

Kindness is the atmosphere, the soil in which the seeds of healing action flourish.

Kindness is fearless, faces squarely our obstructions, our addictions, weaknesses, confusion, lack of faith.

Kindness heals all of these, freeing us to express what kindness wants expressed in us.

We are self-mastered in the most beautiful way.

We are impelled and inspired by our own goodness, beauty and kindness.

We are born again into another reality animated by kindness.

A reality timeless and ever present revealing itself in this exact moment.

We are reality. We are kindness. There is no other in our experienced reality.

How kindness works is a mystery.

Our actions change mysteriously.

We know intuitively that our ordinary actions, like eating are being healed by our kindness.

Yet we can’t say or explain quite how that happens.

We live in a mysterious, miraculous universe.

The joy is in experiencing that, watching the kind miraculous reveal itself in us and as us.

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