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The human body, at peace with itself, is more precious than the rarest gem. Cherish your body, it is yours this one time only. The human form is won with great difficulty, it is easy to lose. All worldly things are brief, like lightning in the sky; This life you must know as the tiny splash of a raindrop; a thing of beauty that disappears. --Tsong Khapa

Most people come to Nourish previously diagnosed with a chronic degenerative disease and are under the care of multiple doctors, both conventional and holistic.   Some are relatively healthy and desire to improve their health and prevent future degeneration.  Most  partcipants experience significant improvements in the severity of their diagnosed disease..results not previously attained with all manner of medicine.   Even those patient-students whose illness is too far advanced to completely heal report valuable improvements, satisfying results and deep gratitude for what they learned, accomplished and would readily repeat the process. 

The only requirement for participating in this healing journey is an authentic, true desire to heal or maintain health.  What does that mean?  It means there's a fire in the belly to heal.  


You want it.  

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Are you eager to...

  • change the habits that undermine whole health and an ease with life and body? 

  • learn how to eat, think and live in a manner that produces health, vitality and aliveness? 

  • speak authentically, study, practice, learn and grow?  

  • take your eating to another level?

  •  inhabit and truly experience your physical body during workouts and physical activity?

  • understand how actions contribute/cause illness?  (rather than a victim of disease/health problems!)

  • to learn and makes friends with self-discipline?

Potential Benefits


  • More energy and aliveness in the body

  • Reduced pain 

  • Stronger digestion and elimination 

  • Deep, restorative sleep & better sleep patterns  

  • Pain and inflammation abate 

  • More flexibility and range of motion

  • More connected to the voice of the body

  • Amplified enjoyment of the body ​

  • Body feels/looks healthier

  • Sustained weight loss 

  • Strength & flexibility  

  • Alive and energetic

  • Digestion is quiet, calm, strong 

  • Better eating

  • Enlivened relationship with cold, hunger, fatigue, and pain. 

  • Relaxed, poised posture 

  • Better nourished overall


Medical & Metabolic Benefits

  • Diagnosed diseases measurably improve

  • Symptoms alleviated without medication  

  • Pain & Inflammation subside 

  • Laboratory test values improve 

  •  Minimal supplementation

  • Hormonal balance restoration 

  • Microbiome & digestion healed by food 

  • Fewer doctors  

Mentally & Emotionally: 

  • No longer relating to illness as an enemy

  • No longer a victim of illness

  • Reduction of fear of growing more sick and dying

  • Soothe anxiety and afflictive emotions

  • Less afraid of failing

  • General peacefulness and less conflicted, chaotic mind

  • More ease with life challenges

  • Developed self discipline

  • Ease with the body, illness and life situations




  • Developed loving relationship with self 

  • More compassion and kindness in all relationships

  • Enhanced ability to be honest with self and others

  • ​Less critical

  • Enjoyment of self and others

  •  Developed healthy relationship with illness in the body

  • Clear understanding of how illness occurred 

  • Deeper confidence and faith in self

  • Enlivened, more positive relationship with cold, hunger, fatigue, and pain 

  • A peaceful conscience 



  • Expansion of still mind, connection with this moment, in this body as it is, right now

  • Authenticity of prayer and quality of meditation

  • Less lost in thought

  • Developed love for life and body

  • Naturally sprouted, grounded and authentic 


What patient-students say about their experience...

Working with Charley has been one of the most eye opening and educational experiences in my life. I could not recommend him enough. Before meeting Charley I had no idea that it was even possible to heal myself, and his wisdom, kindness and love has helped guide me to find my own inner power to live my best and healthiest life. -Cassie R.

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