Reviews from the Radical Self-Healing Retreat:

Young woman loses 15 lbs without ANY focus on her Weight!

“In my questionnaire that I filled out in the beginning, you asked me if weight loss was a goal, and I said ‘no’, and it was true. But guess what? I have lost weight, as you might imagine!

I weighed 137 back then, and had even gone on a huge 1,100 mile bike ride the fall before, and seemed to remain the same weight all the while, I was shocked! Anyhow, when I was weighing myself over the past 2 weeks, my weight is consistently 122!! That’s 15 pounds over 6 months, and I wasn’t trying to lose weight.That said, I am quite pleased.  I had bought a new pair of jeans about 2 months ago, a size 9, and since we have been working together, those jeans proceeded to loosen, and eventually hang off me to where I needed to wear long shirts to cover what was being exposed. I ordered two pairs of jeans over the internet, not knowing what size to buy, and bought a size 7, and a size 5, and, it was the size 5 that was the perfect fit! woo hoo! Yayy! 

Anyway, for someone who wasn’t trying to lose weight, I sure am happy about it! So, in addition to helping me get my groove back (balanced blood sugar from healthy nutrition), thanks for helping me with this aspect as well! “

R.L. – Boulder, CO


Hypothyroidism, Terrible Digestive Problems and More

I always considered myself a healthy person. I have learned a new definition of healthy. I figured that if I got out of bed everyday, functioned at my job, exercised regularly and didn’t catch every virus that came along, I was healthy. It never occurred to me that having numerous food and chemical sensitivities, ringing in the ears, lightheadedness, dizziness, fatigue, hypoglycemia, high cholesterol, diarrhea, bloating, gas and weight gain and being on thyroid medication were all really cries for help from a body that was NOT healthy. The symptoms had come on so gradually over the years that I became accustomed to them and considered them to be normal.

After many years of having dietary issues, searching out numerous doctors, (traditional and alternative) and various tests, I still wasn’t any closer to getting rid of my symptoms. I finally discovered Dr. Charley Cropley and his Food Is Your Best Medicine program. It has changed my life inside and out!

It has been a year and half that I have been working steadily with Dr. Cropley. I began by following the eating portion of the plan and lost weight. This was good! I could be on to something here. I was motivated. Fasting came next. I’d never fasted before. I’ll starve. I made it through. Bowel cleansing ? What?! You’ve got to be kidding Charley. Surprisingly, not a big deal! I knew to get all the benefits I wanted, I would have to really dive in and do more. So, I jumped in with both feet. I took Charley’s Yoga of Eating course. Scary! From there I began seeing him privately for over one year now. These regular personal consultations have given me the personalized instruction I needed to be able to make the enormous improvements I have made.

Did you know that your symptoms are your body’s way of communicating with you? I didn’t either. Once I realized that I needed to have an open communication with myself and listen to what my body was trying to tell me, the light bulb went on. I learned so much about myself through self-reflection and journaling. This was the hardest step for me. I had never taken the time to talk to myself and get to the bottom of why my body was so unhappy with me. This was key to really accelerating the healing process. Once you learn to treat yourself with love and kindness, it makes it easier to choose healthier paths in relation to food and lifestyle.

My progress has been constant and steady. I have consistently stuck with a clean eating plan for the most part. I notice all the time that my health is improving. The hypoglycemia is gone, my weight has stabilized, my digestion has improved INCREDIBLY. If I stray, I have the knowledge and tools to reel myself back in. I never want to go back to the way I was. If I start to feel sorry for myself, I just tell myself how proud I am of my successes. I’ve done a huge amount of work in the past year and a half. I have achieved a level of Health that seemed impossible to me. I am very proud of myself. Thanks to Charley!

Lisa B. – Colorado Springs, CO


Father & Son Gain Health and Lose Weight Together

“Where do I begin… first I would like to offer my thanks Charley for his professionalism, compassion, generosity and the unconditional love that you extended to both myself and my son. Indeed it was a pleasure and a breath of fresh air to work with someone who’s truly an expert in this field. You have such goodness in your heart Charley – Thank you. I would also like to remind you that you saved my mothers life a number of years ago. The tools that you gave her are still thriving today. At 69 years old she has picked up surfing as a hobby. Yes, Surfing. Granted, she’s not going to be hanging ten or be swooping in the tube any time soon, but her new found passion has opened a new dimension in her life. My mom surfing at 69….. This is where and how my compass guided me to you. I was having concerns about my sons health. He’s 11 yrs old and weighed in at 108lbs. My son was having a difficult time concentrating at school, worn out, cranky (more often than not), constantly hungry, indigestion, you name it. More importantly – my son had lost his smile.

I have to admit at first I was a little hesitant when we made the choice to come see you. (Just a little  I take pride in that our family has healthy eating habits; “eat your veggies, drink your milk, have some fruit, don’t eat that fatty crap, eat this instead…” And how could my sons eating habits be involved was beyond me. However, after working with you Charley- I feel nothing short of Liberation!!! The things I’ve learned from our consultations and your courses- it boggles the mind and opens your eyes. If you recall, in the first weeks of your nutritional recommendations was a miracle. My son had more energy and he lost a couple of pounds in a few short days.

In the subsequent weeks we’ve uncovered more than one food allergies that have completely changed my sons life. The evidence and transformation is undeniable. I am very happy to say that my son has been reborn in some sense…. He loves his body (now a normal 84 lbs), loves himself and has a new air of confidence of who he is. Most important my son has his smile back. People have since noticed the change in my son and in myself. Most notably is the weight loss – I’ve gone from a peak of 202 lbs to 181 lbs today. And these people ask me- what kind of a diet is that? I have to just laugh and say it’s not “a diet” it goes deeper than just losing weight. It’s eating healthy, being educated…. You need to go see Charley.

Thank you Charley. I’ll see you at the next course this spring and will bring my son around in a couple of months to say hi and check in.”

Eric – Boulder, CO


“When I first came to Charley, my health was in a severe downward spiral despite my many efforts to restore it.  I had been diagnosed with lupus, I was severely fatigued, 20 lbs overweight and I was badly constipated with much pain and gas after eating anything.

Charley came into my life as a result of many prayers to restore my vitality and rebuild my health to 100%.  He quickly became a trusted and respected teacher.  In a matter of only a few months, Charley has taught me how to jumpstart my body’s own restorative powers.  This has been a very intense and challenging process.  However, Charley is always there with both encouragement and his vast knowledge to support me.

I have learned how to listen to my body as it communicates to me what it needs from me in order to heal.  I have embarked on an expanded Healing journey into the 2nd half of my life. I am growing continuously more joyous due to the wisdom I have uncovered and the self-discovery that Charley has helped me achieve.

I feel deeply appreciative to have him as a friend and mentor in my life. I will forever be grateful to him for his gifts to me of wisdom, knowledge, compassion and friendship.  He is a most amazing person who chooses to contribute to others with the full force of his being.”

Eileen Kiernan – Mother, professional, Activist – Boulder, CO

“For 3 years I lived with INTENSE Sacro Iliac pain (pain in the butt).  I was pretty much unable to sit down for more than a few minutes at a time. Driving for more than 20 minutes was almost intolerable.  I had to stand up to do everything and even standing was painful, but bearable.

I had tried many types of bodywork, acupuncture, different energy healing modalities, nothing had any effect. This was especially frustrating, since I am a massage therapist myself.

Within a month of beginning work with Charley, the pain began to subside and after three months it is now gone completely. I am so happy every day to be able to sit comfortably; such a simple thing, but true appreciation of it comes only after not being able to sit for years. Words really can’t describe it. And I have lost a lot of weight, especially in my belly.  My daily energy is way better.  And I’ve improved a lifelong condition of borderline high blood pressure.”

Sam Shone – CMT – Sedalia, CO

“I watched your dvd this am and was so happy to have complex data so clearly explained and with such realism and humor.  I wanted you to know right away that it is really an excellent video.  I would like to buy 3 more copies to send/loan to my friends.”

Sue Anderson – mother, writer – Boulder, CO

“I recently finished a full year of working with Charley Cropley to gain control over my sugar addiction.  I never knew how much this addictive eating was affecting me until I took “Food is Your Best Medicine” class with Charley several years ago.  I distinctly remember one afternoon, about one month into eating healthy as a result of the course, and feeling simply happy.  There was no outward reason. I was simply existing is a place that was happy, and I realized that it was the result of not eating sugar and wheat for one month.  I clearly remember thinking “This is who I am when I’m not on sugar”.  It was now clear to me that many of the ways that I often felt, negative, frustrated, angry, hopeless; were the result of how I was eating, not who I was.

I wasn’t able to sustain that way of eating for long.  But I always told myself that I would get back to eating that way.  At the end of last year I realized that my life was on hold and that I was not going to make progress until I made a real commitment to change my eating and end my addiction to sugar and wheat.  I turned again to Charley Cropley because I had been successful working with him before, and I knew that he would understand the difficulty that I faced in trying to change my eating patterns.  He knew this was an addiction and he treated it with the seriousness that an addiction needs to be treated with.

He required of me that I make a one year commitment and that I put my money where my mouth was.  I met with Charley every two weeks.  I had some times that were easy and others where I really fell off the wagon, so to speak.  But Charley was there, a supportive, steady rock the whole time.  I know that I could not have been able to sustain this without working with him.

I know that this is a lifelong process, and that I have choice at every moment what I eat.  I don’t always eat wisely, but I now have enough perspective to know the differencebetween how I feel when I am sugar free, and when I’m not.  The most important thing is that I now have had several months of being off sugar and have felt so good that when I do eat poorly the contrast is huge, and my motivation to continue to eat healthy is reinforced every time.

Some of the changes that I have experienced since getting off of sugar is simply feeling happy for no reason.  I also have discovered a calm and peacefulness within me that others who have known me for a long time clearly recognize as quite different from how I was before.  Through working with Charley I began to explore what new direction I would take my life; what would inspire me to continue to be the person I was off sugar.  I am now not only feeling happy and calm, but I am exploring a new spiritual path; dreams, that I always had an interest in, but am now pursuing with a passion.

I know that I would not be where I am in my life without having changed my eating, and I know that I couldn’t have done this without Charley.  After years of saying “I’ll stop eating sugar, tomorrow”  I finally decided to make a commitment and stop NOW.  It’s made all the difference and I thank you Charley for your support on this path.  I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Thea Litsios –  Artist, Photographer – Niwot, CO

I feel very blessed by our work together. You should be very confident about naturopathic medicine and your skill as a facilitator. Amazing! I don’t think I have ever had such a clear and caring relationship with my body. That clarity and caring has opened me more deeply to the ground of being and to the ever present witness. It seems to have all come together to support my entire being. I’m working to not grasp at how good I feel, but to simply be humbled and grateful – allow for the ebb and flow of being. This morning I was a bit contracted, felt some judgment creeping in, sat to meditate and just let the contraction, the discomfort, the underlying sense of well-being, the joy, the fear – all of that simply wax and wane in the fullness of being. Began to just experience all of that as neutral and didn’t identify with any of it. Comes and goes, comes and goes.

By the way, I have stopped taking most of the supplements that my doctor had me taking. As I run out, I just don’t feel any need to continue. Thanks to you, Charley!

Carol M. – Denver, CO