The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
— Thomas Edison

“When I first came to Charley, my health was in a severe downward spiral despite my many efforts to restore it. I had been diagnosed with lupus, I was severely fatigued, 20 lbs overweight and I was badly constipated with much pain and gas after eating anything.

Charley quickly became a trusted and respected teacher. In a matter of only a few months, Charley taught me how to jumpstart my body’s own restorative powers. This was a very intense and challenging process. But I am growing continuously more joyous due to the wisdom I have uncovered and the self-discovery that Charley has helped me achieve.

I will forever be grateful to him for his gifts to me of wisdom, knowledge, compassion and friendship. He is a most amazing person who chooses to contribute to others with the full force of his being.”

Eileen Kiernan – Mother, professional, Activist – Boulder, CO

"Over the past year of working with Dr. Cropley I have become a completely different person - a stronger, happier and healthier person. I came to Charley with a chronic hormonal imbalance that plagued me for over 2 years. By the time I found him, the symptoms were spiraling out of control - hair loss, depression, eczema, amenorrhea, mood swings, weakened immune system... After seeing multiple doctors and specialists, spending thousands of dollars, and receiving no answers, I feared I would never be whole and well again. But then I found Charley.

After a few months of working with Charley I began to return to my true and healthful self. My immune system strengthened, my depression was expelled, my thinning hair grew back stronger and shinier, my system regulated, and my self-confidence grew. Charley taught me how the PCP-prescribed meds were damaging my hormonal balance. He taught me how to heal childhood trauma that has haunted me for MY ENTIRE LIFE through careful and thoughtful journaling. And he taught me to heal my relationships by shamelessly expressing my needs and treating myself with intense kindness.

Charley's approach is holistic medicine at it's finest - he treats the whole body and spirit for true and lasting HEALTH. I can't think of any aspect of my life that has not improved since I began this healing journey. The most incredible part about what Charley does, is the way he empowers his patients, by teaching them how to HEAL THEMSELVES. Thank you Charley. My life wouldn't be the same without you."

Holly – Nutritionist – Denver, CO

“For 3 years I lived with intense Sacro Iliac pain (pain in the butt - literally). I was pretty much unable to sit down for more than a few minutes at a time. Driving for more than 20 minutes was almost intolerable. I had to stand up to do everything and even standing was painful, but bearable.

I had tried many types of bodywork, acupuncture, different energy healing modalities, nothing had any effect. This was especially frustrating, since I am a massage therapist myself.

Within a month of beginning work with Charley, the pain began to subside and after three months it is now gone completely. I am so happy every day to be able to sit comfortably; such a simple thing, but a true appreciation of it comes only after not being able to sit for years. Words really can’t describe it. And I have lost a lot of weight, especially in my belly. My daily energy is way better. And I’ve improved a lifelong condition of borderline high blood pressure.”

Sam Shone – CMT – Sedalia, CO

I lost 15 pounds over 6 months, and I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I bought a size 9 pair of jeans 2 months ago, and now they hang off me and I have to wear long shirts to cover what's being exposed. I ordered two pairs of jeans over the internet, not knowing what size to buy, and bought a size 7, and a size 5, and, it was the size 5 that was the perfect fit! Yayy!“

R.L. – Boulder, CO

“I recently finished a full year of working with Charley Cropley to gain control over my sugar addiction. Before, it wasn't clear to me that many of the ways that I often felt - negative, frustrated, angry, hopeless - were the result of how I was eating, not who I was.

Charley knew this was an addiction and he treated it with the seriousness that an addiction needs to be treated with. Since being sugar-free, I have discovered a calm and peacefulness within me that others who have known me for a long time clearly recognize as quite different from how I was before.

After years of saying “I’ll stop eating sugar, tomorrow,” I finally decided to make a commitment and stop NOW. I couldn’t have done it without you, Charley.”

Thea Litsios –  Artist, Photographer – Niwot, CO

“I met Dr. Cropley in the mid-80s in a personal development workshop.

When my son was born with complications two years later, I sought Charley’s second opinion, ever remembering his radiant health and passionate presence.  

I called Dr. Cropley late at night because doctors determined over the phone that my fevered infant probably had spinal meningitis.  I was to report to the hospital for a spinal tap immediately. Charley however, said to give three drops of baby Tylenol and see him in his office early the next morning with a food diary of what I was eating as a nursing mother.

Dr. Cropley determined that my baby was reacting to my diet, not suffering from spinal meningitis.  My baby immediately improved as I started rotating my foods to figure out what was causing my baby to react so severely to my breast milk.

Looking at that experience I’m shocked to wonder about the physical, mental, and emotional damage that could have befallen my infant at the hands of MDs that were most probably watching out for themselves legally, with my infant being one more body passing through their practice that day.

I became a loyal student of Dr. Cropley, seeing him when I needed help getting back to my health and taking his wonderful group classes.  

When, 35 years later I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I sought out Charley, and to my delight found he was still practicing medicine.  I have to say that although I knew how to care for myself properly all of these years, at times I had stretched my health, making career, relationships, and creativity a higher priority.  My body began to reflect the imbalance in my life, speaking to me through the wisdom of illness. This wisdom is Charley’s wisdom, ever teaching through me.

I trust Charley completely.  He helped my autoimmunity subside almost immediately; working with me to find a plan I can really feel good about and grounded in.   

I can honestly say that I love Charley.  His life’s work has allowed me (and my radiantly healthy 35 year old son!) to bring forth the better version of self as manifested through health and clear thinking.  As I seek to inspire others, it is Charley’s life work as a holistic healer allowing my best self to do so. There are no words for this type of gratitude, so I bow deeply to my teacher and healer.”

- Karen Kenney, - Art Teacher, Artist - Boulder, CO

“I was having concerns about my sons health - he was 11 yrs old and 108lbs. He was having a difficult time concentrating at school, worn out, cranky (more often than not), constantly hungry, indigestion, you name it. More importantly – he had lost his smile.

In the first weeks of your nutritional recommendations was a miracle. My son had more energy and he lost a couple of pounds in a few short days. In the subsequent weeks we’ve uncovered more than one food allergies that have completely changed my sons life. The evidence and transformation is undeniable. I am very happy to say that my son has been reborn in some sense…. He loves his body (now a normal 84 lbs), loves himself and has a new air of confidence of who he is. Most important my son has his smile back. 

People have since noticed the change in my son and in myself. Most notably is the weight loss – I’ve gone from a peak of 202 lbs to 181 lbs today. And these people ask me - what kind of a diet is that? I have to just laugh and say it’s not “a diet” - it goes deeper than just losing weight. It’s eating healthy, being educated…. You need to go see Charley.

You have such goodness in your heart Charley – Thank you."

Eric – Boulder, CO

After years of saying “I’ll stop eating sugar, tomorrow,” I finally decided to make a commitment and stop NOW. I couldn’t have done it without you, Charley.
— Thea Litsios –  Niwot, CO
I lost 15 pounds over 6 months, and I wasn’t trying to lose weight.
— R.L. – Boulder, CO
I will forever be grateful to [Charley] for his gifts to me of wisdom, knowledge, compassion and friendship. He is a most amazing person who chooses to contribute to others with the full force of his being.
— Eileen Kiernan – Boulder, CO