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The starting point of all achievement is desire.

Keep this constantly in mind.

Weak desires bring weak results,

just as a small amount of fire makes just a small amount of heat.

Napoleon Hill

If you value a healthy body, why then, do you repeatedly perform actions that undermine your health? One reason is that in the moment you are performing each action your reasons for performing the “potentially detrimental” actions are more compelling to you than your reasons for performing healthier actions. You do not lack the power or ability to change; what you lack are reasons sufficiently clear and compelling that move you to use your power.

For example you and virtually everyone has the power to forego a cup of coffee, or a dessert, or to get out and exercise for thirty minutes. On a daily basis, however, you may not use this power, you may not even believe you even have the power to actually do these things. Consider, however, how easily you could do any or all of these actions if someone were to offer you $500 to do them once, just once. You can see that the real issue here is not one of capability it is one of motivation. In many areas you already know “what” to do. You simply lack a powerful enough “why” to do it.

There are ways to build powerful “whys” as surely as there are ways to build powerful shoulders or thighs. In this section we are going to teach you how to increase the strength and clarity of your wanting. First, we will teach you the tools and exercises for becoming very clear about what you most want. Second, we will teach you to increase the intensity of your wanting, desire and passion to a level sufficient to move you to take actions which are consistent with producing more of what you truly value (such as health). When strong enough, your wanting will irresistibly manifest in action.

Wanting is the most natural activity in your life. There is nothing more pleasurable. Your wanting for what is pure and good will crowd out your fearful thoughts and emotions. You will begin to attract to yourself all that you most love and desire. It is the way life works. Wanting is one of your most powerful tools for improving your health and happiness.

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