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Updated: May 4, 2022

For a doctor to understand how to heal his patients requires that he work on healing his own ignorance, indifference and lack of self control. Personal, first hand understanding grants a doctor the greatest healing power because it brings the health problems of his clients intimately within his immediate sphere of influence.

When teaching a client the art of self-healing, my intention is not to diagnose and treat a foreign disease entity which supposedly exists on its’ own separate from my client. Nor am I trying to understand and treat my client as if she and her problems were completely separate from me and mine. My primary focus is growing understanding and compassion for my own self. By so doing I automatically develop understanding and compassion for my clients and the skill to guide them to do the same for themselves. This principle, “Physician, heal thyself.” was taught by Hippocrates himself.

Learning to heal ourselves is the greatest, most rewarding of all challenges. Self-healing can no more be learned from watching others do it than can basketball. A physician must step into the arena with their own demons, overeating, self-criticism, social anxieties, ignorance and indifference towards their well-being.

If this interests you it is because you are ready to become your own physician. Healing yourself is the essential training for becoming a physician-teacher skilled in guiding your patients on their own journey of self-healing.

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