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Fasting may be the most powerful self-healing practice you can learn.

Would you like to know one of the absolute top practices that has kept me young and healthy? It is fasting. The same goes for my son, daughter, former wife and granddaughter. None of us have ever had an antibiotic or immunizations nor any type of significant illness. We take no meds and probably never will.

The wisdom of how and when to apply fasting is essential to our well-being. In fact, it is one of the pillars; a trusted strategy that rapidly and effectively accelerates healing in all forms of illness and injury.

I will teach you to discover, appreciate and understand this natural power that you possess. This course is as challenging as you want it to be or not be. Self-purification is extremely safe, brilliant, elegant and powerful.

You will be drinking fresh squeezed vegetable juices, lots of raw foods, and taking herbal products that cleanse your intestines. You will see and feel the poisons coming out of your body, and experience a type of cleanliness that pervades your entire body. Fasting brings healing power into the sick places of your body and cleans and purifies them. Sore, stiff joints, inflamed or weak stomach or intestines. Your inherent wisdom which designs and creates your body knows and loves purifying and beautifying every aspect of this living temple.


I don’t know of any other practice or therapy that can even approximate the benefits of modified, personalized fasting. It is a genuine living miracle, in the same sense that exercise and sleep are miracles. Nothing can replace them. Think about it, what substitute is there for sleep? None, right? It is the same for fasting. Once you experience the life and body transforming power of fasting, you will never forget it. You will know you have personally touched and been touched by the healing hand of god.

Like food, movement, sunlight, water, air and sleep, fasting is a natural force, a true angel, which purifies rests, nourishes and strengthens our bodies. This is the ancient, eternal, natural way Mother Earth cares for all her creatures.

If you don’t know how to fast then you really haven’t learned how to nourish yourself. Knowing how to eat well day to day is essential. However eating well is only half of a complete and balanced way of eating that will keep you radiantly healthy and alive.

Hunger governs eating. Love governs fasting. Fasting is the male energy that restores and maintains the female capacities to digest, to eliminate, to circulate, to drain, to protect, to warm. All of these are enlivened, restored and balanced by not eating.

If you learn this life-skill, you will be able to seriously improve any health problem. You can, for real, rejuvenate your sick and tired body. You will lose your fear of illness. You will know in your bones that you can heal anything that arises. I’m making no claims about healing extremely advanced illnesses. I am saying you will have a tool that will give you unprecedented confidence in your body’s self-healing capabilities.

If you are taking any medicines or if your health has been declining gradually for 10 or more years, take a serious look at doing this course. Make fasting a mainstay in your therapeutic regimen for regaining your youth and vitality.

If you have children and want to keep them antibiotic free you want to attend this class.

You need not be afraid of this being too hard for you. I will teach you how to adapt what you eat so that you feel well, in control and comfortable (enough) the entire time.

You will be facing the power of hunger. None of us overcomes hunger anymore than we overcome cold, heat, pain or fatigue. You learn to cultivate a wise relationship with these forces and they bless you with their healing power.

Like doing a good workout, when you fast you will be pressing into your own limits. Honestly engaging your limits puts you in touch with great power that then accompanies you back into your daily life. You infuse your own personal power into your food preferences, your sleep patterns, your posture, the grace with which you walk and bend. You relish doing better things for yourself. You feel really good and you want to keep that feeling. So you live more consciously. This is the process of healing.

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