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Learning what specific foods to eat and not eat produces extraordinary healing and weight loss. However equally valuable and necessary is that you learn how to shop and prepare wholesome foods and how to pull this off in your busy life.

You will also be taught how to eat enjoyably and with integrity in ALL social situations, amid the busiest schedule, even when traveling.

It is essential but not sufficient that you learn WHAT to eat to correct your injured metabolism. You must also learn how to have these wholesome foods available to you in every situation of your life, at home, in the car, at work, at parties, family gatherings and while traveling. I will teach you how to be prepared so that you have the foods you need in every circumstance.

Beyond having wholesome, tasteful meals available. You must face the challenges of how to eat graciously in social situations. You will learn how to eat with family and friends and walk the line between making excellent food choices and celebrating with others without offending them.

I know of nobody else who trains you as thoroughly as I do because I know of almost nobody else who has wrestled with nutritional issues as much as I have. I know first hand what it takes to eat this way because I do it myself and I have trained thousands of others to do so.

Much love,


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