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Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Feel yourself as a center of goodwill and the power to enact that goodness.

Feel yourself as the strong, burning desire to make good things happen. You know you wish for a better life; to be a better person; to be able to do the good and beneficial things you wish you could do.

Right now, feel that this is true. Acknowledge that you really, genuinely do desire good in your life. Now express this in any way you want. Say it in words to yourself. Infuse this goodwill, this caring into your breath. Touch your body with this caring.

This is none other than you, yourself speaking these words, breathing this breath and touching your body. Right? This is you loving you. You are the one caring for you. You are also the one who feels and receives this caring.

You are both the giver and receiver of your own goodness, kindness, caring, compassion, whatever you want to call this. You are healing your own self.

Now think of how you would like to eat. Feel that you have this good desire to eat better. Likely you have previously not been able to enact this. Simply allow yourself to feel how true it is that you do, in fact, desire this good for yourself. Sense that this goodness could actually be enacted and made real.

You really sincerely do desire this so relax and accept that you have the power to enact this. This desire is capable of fulfilling itself. It innately knows how to fulfill itself. Enjoy feeling that “somehow, in some way” this good desire will come about. Actually, it is not so much of a mystery. You will fulfill this desire precisely because you want to fulfill it. If it is a necessary desire, one essential to your Health and happiness, then you will always want to fulfill it. This desire will never leave and it will triumph because it has to. You cannot be happy without it. Rest in this.

You are capable of doing any good that is actually necessary. You may not be able to be famous or rich but you are able to eat, move, think and relate in any way that is good for you. Know this. Tell yourself this repeatedly. This certainty will bring you peace and empower you.

“Your happiness is a service to others.” Matt Kahn

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