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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

What is the alternative to your learning and practicing the activities of nutritious eating, regular rest and exercise, self-reflection and caring relating?

Each is absolutely essential to your health. There is no alternative to them and they are not something that anyone else can do for you. No pill nor therapy can ever remove the ill effects of junk food, lack of exercise, lack of rest and recreation, ignorance, worry and fear, conflict in your relationships and unsatisfying work. To the degree you are inept at these fundamental skills of living your health suffers.. and you become increasingly reliant upon treatments, pills and cures. You find yourself turning to medicine, asking it to perform miracles for you, which it cannot and was never meant to perform.

There is no need to choose between an educational approach and any of your present medical approaches to healing. Learning to eat better, exercise, and reduce your mental emotional stress will enormously assist your doctors in their efforts to help you. By doing the essential activities which only you can do for yourself you will markedly improve the effectiveness of all your other treatments whether they be conventional medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy.

By including health education in your efforts to improve your health, you will improve much more rapidly and completely than without it.


You can expect to get out of this exactly what you put into it. Could you reasonably ask for anything more? That is much more than you get from most therapies. Is it not? The disciplines you will be learning always work. Without fail. You can bet your health on it. Reducing sugar and coffee, getting a good night’s sleep, regular exercise, respecting rather than shaming yourself are not medicines. Like gravity, these disciplines don’t SOMETIMES work. They ALWAYS work. These activities have been the foundation of every lasting approach to health and happiness in all cultures throughout history.

Every meal you eat, every thought you think and every movement you perform rewards you or punishes you. When you are living poorly, there is no escaping the consequences. When you are living well, you are constantly receiving the fruits of your own caring actions.

In general, not entirely so, but in general, what is done in “Food Is Your Best Medicine” and our other courses is for the good of the whole rather than for any specific organ or function. The specific benefits to any part are almost always the result of a strengthening, nourishing and resting of the whole.

Typically, you find your entire system to improve in more general, nonspecific ways. You feel stronger and much more energetic, you sleep more soundly, your periods are less troublesome, your joints less stiff and sore, you digest better, you can concentrate and think clearly, remember more. You find yourself in better moods and generally happier. As you heal and strengthen in these general, non specific ways you will find that many of your specific symptoms lessen in frequency and severity.

Health Education

Health education is the most sound investment you can make with regard to your health care. The combination of health education and medicine together is many, many times more cost-effective than taking a medical approach alone. By learning how your own actions are injuring and undermining your health, and by learning to do what is essential to regain and maintain your health, you will save all the time and money you would otherwise spend on attempts to “cure” those problems created and maintained by your own actions.

Health education doesn’t cost. It pays! Recall the saying “Health is the basis of all wealth.” Health education is not only less expensive than medical care, it is actually a profitable investment. Every lesson that you learn and practice will continue to improve your strength and vitality day in and day out for the rest of your life, and in a very short time your initial investment in health education begins to pay you back in real money. The rewards of fewer illnesses, greater energy, clearer thought, improved concentration and better moods, will, without fail, improve the quality of your work. Better quality work translates directly into dollars.


Please be aware that educating yourself in practical self-care does not mean that you need lessen in any way your utilization of intelligent medical therapies for providing symptomatic relief. Health education and medical therapies are complementary. They enhance one another. The optimal approach to health care includes BOTH symptomatic relief and education to address the underlying causes of your symptoms.

In summary, if you want to learn what you, yourself, can do to take better care of your health. If it makes sense that your health and happiness are the product of your own actions. If you are willing to give yourself to caring for your health because you value yourself that much, then you will enjoy “Food Is Your Best Medicine” and probably find this course to be one of the greatest health gifts you have ever given yourself. What you learn here will always and unfailingly benefit you to the exact degree that you use it.

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