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The starting point of all achievement is desire.

Keep this constantly in mind.

Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes just a small amount of heat.

Napoleon Hill

In this lesson you will compose a document for yourself that says what it is that you want to accomplish in working with me and why you want to accomplish this. You are doing this for yourself, not for me. The intent is to create something that inspires you. This document reminds you why you are doing this difficult work of self-healing. This will be something you turn to when your enthusiasm is lagging, when you are having difficulty doing the things that you know are truly beneficial to you when you are thinking of giving up. This document is to give you hope that you can succeed. It is to encourage your faith in yourself and Life.

If you value a healthy body, why then, do you repeatedly perform actions that undermine your health? One reason is that in the moment you are performing each action your reasons for performing the “potentially detrimental” actions are more compelling to you than your reasons for performing healthier actions. You do not lack the power or ability to change; what you lack are reasons sufficiently clear and compelling that move you to use your power.

For example you and virtually everyone has the power to forego a cup of coffee, or a dessert, or to get out and exercise for thirty minutes. On a daily basis, however, you may not use this power, you may not even believe you even have the power to actually do these things. Consider, however, how easily you could do any or all of these actions if someone were to offer you $500 to do them once, just once. You can see that the real issue here is not one of capability it is one of motivation. In many areas you already know “what” to do. You simply lack a powerful enough “why” to do it.

There are ways to build powerful “whys” as surely as there are ways to build powerful shoulders or thighs. In this section we are going to teach you how to increase the strength and clarity of your wanting. First, we will teach you the tools and exercises for becoming very clear about what you most want.

Second, we will teach you to increase the intensity of your wanting, desire and passion to a level sufficient to move you to take actions which are consistent with producing more of what you truly value (such as health). When strong enough, your wanting will irresistibly manifest in action.

Wanting is the most natural activity in your life. There is nothing more pleasurable. Your wanting for what is pure and good will crowd out your fearful thoughts and emotions. You will begin to attract to yourself all that you most love and desire.

It is the way life works. Wanting may be your most powerful tools for improving your health and happiness.


Most simply stated, regarding your health and happiness write out:

What do I really want and why?

What do I really NOT want and why?

Write as much as you need to until you feel very clear what you most want and why. It is that simple. If you would like more guidelines you may read the rest of this document.

Here is a slightly more detailed version of the above assignment.

This exercise teaches you to get clear about the Healing you desire in three areas:

1. What you want to accomplish with your Health?

2. What behavioral changes will this require?

3. What changes in attitudes and thinking will this require?

4. Who will hold you accountable?

Or, said another way,

1. What you want to HAVE & NOT have?

2. What you want to DO & NOT do?

3. What you want to BE & NOT be?

It is fairly easy to know what you want to HAVE. For instance, I want to have a more slender body, have better energy, have my tumors disappear, be free of arthritis, asthma or whatever your illness is called. This is a good beginning.

Also go through your body in more detail and consider what other physical improvements that you want to have. It is more challenging and more valuable to know, What do I want to DO? “What actions will be required for me to produce these improvements in my body?” For our purposes here we summarize these requirements under four headings:

1. Eating

2. Movement and rest

3. Thinking and emotions

4. Relationships and communication.

You may not actually feel a longing to change your actions in these areas. However it is impossible to attain the results of good actions without doing the good actions. Therefore to want the results is to want the actions. For now you can say “I want to want to do these actions.”

Using the understanding you presently have list whatever actions you sense are causing you disease in each of these areas. Also include what are you NOT doing that would be beneficial to you. Eating and exercise will be fairly obvious however in your thinking and emotions you may list such things as, “I am anxious, I have low self esteem, feel guilty about… I am afraid of … I resent… I am jealous of.. I do not understand what is causing my illness, etc.

In your relationships list whatever people you are having trouble with, or the types of problems you encounter, e.g. I get angry, resentful, feel inferior, I am bossy, demanding or can’t ask for what I want.

Lastly, how must you BE in order to DO the actions that will produce HAVING the Health you want? What virtues or qualities of character must you develop in order to do the good actions you sense you must do? E.g. Become more passionate, develop understanding of yourself and how your body works, become forgiving, patient, persevering, happy, optimistic etc.

Got it?

Your assignment is first to list your HAVE, DO and BE goals. After compiling your list your journaling assignment is to write daily on this subject. Continue to refine and get more clear about what you want and why you want it.

Remember, to heal your physical body you must heal your desire body. You must strengthen your good desires and weaken your sick desires.You are making your desiring conscious and deliberate. Instead of allowing your mind to habitually feed on foolish, short sighted, harmful desires, you are now going to feed your mind with real quality desires and exercise your mind by again and again practicing really wanting what you really want.

If you find value in this exercise ask me for more assignments to help you further clarify and strengthen your desire for health.

In Health and Happiness,


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