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Undamn your illness or your body. Open an alternative to your compulsive, unexamined certainty that you know what your body or your illness actually is and therefore how to respond to it.

Undamn your body. Undamn your illness.

Your body is ceaselessly bringing sensations to your awareness; hunger, cold, warmth and heat, urges to move, to scratch…Is your typical response unconscious and habitual? You eat, put on a sweater or adjust your posture. Have you ever considered that your bodily sensations are the invitations for caring attention and healing? That your body is communicating to you exactly what it needs in order to heal herself?

When your body is sick with a headache, cold, MS or cancer— do you assume a doctor knows what your illness is because they give it a name? Believing you “have MS” will lead you to seeking “cures” for MS. MS is a concept, a label describing certain signs and symptoms. Attempting to cure MS is an approach vastly different than how I work with my clients who “have MS.”

I teach you to pay caring attention to the actual sensations of your body, to feel her felt communications. To let go of thinking you need to intellectually understand anything and relax into not knowing what to do. Trusting your body will show you.

Your body is a true miracle— wiser than god. It knows the ways of the earth, how to live and thrive here. It speaks to you in a universal language. Undamn your body. It is pure love embodied, longing for you to see. It is self-organizing, self-healing, a living manifestation of wisdom.

Your body is a living mirror, faithfully reflecting back to you the limitations you impose. It can become your dearest friend or your worst enemy.

Try undamning her. As stated above, “undamning” her means opening an alternative to your compulsive, unexamined certainty that you know what your body and your illness actually is and therefore how to respond to it. I do not claim to know such things. I do not treat illnesses. Other doctors will do that. I teach you how to respond intelligently to what is actually taking place in your body.

Your body knows exactly what to eat in order to get well.

It knows what exercise is needed, when and how much to rest, how and what to eat and so much more. It communicates its needs in real time in the real world, right now. Your body is your real doctor, with you at all times, offering you exact healing instruction.

You don’t need so much to be told what to do as to learn how to listen to the instructions already being offered you. You must learn to listen to hunger, fatigue, cold, stiffness, indigestion, headache on and on. These sensations convey to you the essential instructions you need for how to heal.

Learning how to respond to the wisdom of your body is incomparably satisfying, pleasurable and meaningful. What heals you is the experience of real nourishment, poised movement and restorative rest. This is vastly different than taking pills to rid you of supposed malady.

What I offer you is not even in the same realm as the attempts to “cure disease.” I offer you a way of listening to and responding to your body with affectionate attention. This is a skill you develop over a lifetime. It is the skill of self-healing. And lest you be daunted by embarking on a lifetime endeavor, do realize that this path includes the judicious use of all medicines and surgery while expanding your therapeutic options enormously. Self-healing pays you back in spades from the get go, bringing you immediate rewards that multiply endlessly.

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