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The Principles of self-care

a view of sickness and disease as the intelligent and purposeful response of the human body to poisoning, fatigue, and stress.

how the entire body, as a unified whole, physically, mentally, and emotionally responds to heal itself whether to a splinter or cancer.

Acute illnesses such as infections, fevers, diarrheas, coughs etc are the body’s way of healing itself.

  • If you are interested, your course could include an examination of your mental-emotional-relational history based on the above Naturopathic principles. This examination uncovers the poisoning, fatigue, and stress we were experiencing mentally, emotionally, and socially; how we ignored and suppressed the harm being done and how the results of this harm have accumulated to produce your present state of sickness and suffering.

  • The video entitled “You are being spoken to.” points out how each of our bodies; physical, emotional, and mental are constantly speaking to us, informing us of what they need to remain healthy and strong.

The purpose of “The Wisdom of Illness” is to transform your relationship with your body and with sickness itself.

The course itself consists of two videos, several written assignments,

An article and worksheet exploring your relationship with your body,

a physical examination preferably live although zoom is possible.

Instruction in the practice of Hara. (LINK)

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