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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

The video “Toxemia, The Wisdom of Illness” is extremely relevant to improving your health. By understanding the Naturopathic model of toxemia thoroughly, you will eliminate forever one of the primary causes of “dis-ease” and illness in your life, namely the misunderstanding of what disease is.

All of our fear, worry, discussion, formal education, doctor visits, diagnostic procedures and treatments are based on what we understand/believe the nature of disease to be.

Our interpretation determines our response.

Therefore, changing your understanding of the nature of disease lays a new foundation for a new approach and therefore new results with respect to your health.

Few people are aware of how profoundly their unexamined belief in the “superstition” called “disease” influences their efforts to become healthier. Please recall from the video that when we say that most diseases are a superstition we are not denying that people have very real symptoms such as runny noses, tumors and painful joints. What we are saying is that the interpretation that these symptoms are due to something called “diseases” is false. It is as much a superstition as believing symptoms are due to evil spirits or believing social ”dis-ease” is due to witches.

If this thinking is not clear to you, study the video, “Toxemia, The Wisdom of Illness” until you understand the concept. It is the foundation of all else we will do.

If you have questions about diseases seemingly “caused” by bacteria or viruses such as strep throat, colds or flus, this topic requires more time and explanation than we were prepared to give in this article. Please bring your questions to our next consultation where we can discuss them.

If the “disease” interpretation is inaccurate and incomplete what then might be a more accurate mental map or interpretation of our pains and dysfunctions? Briefly it is this: Your every action produces a specific consequence or reaction; your symptoms are the natural consequences of your actions (willful and otherwise), as interpreted by your individual genetics; your most ordinary actions such as eating, breathing, moving, thinking, emoting, speaking, relating, etc. are what, above all else, determine your level of health and happiness. In short, with very few exceptions, by our own actions we determine our illnesses (as well as our health).

Notice how this interpretation of our symptoms brings us from the realm of imagination and theory into the real world of physical and mental action. Rather than speculating and theorizing as to what the mysterious causes of our health problems might be. We now look squarely into the real world of what we actually do and and seek our answers there.

Our body's aches and pains are highly purposeful and alert us of the need to make changes in our thoughts and actions. Our first intention here is to free your body from the prison of your mind's interpretation that your suffering is due to anything other than our own thoughts and actions. Once we have freed our minds of this inaccurate, limiting and "sickening" interpretation of our illnesses we can then begin the work of improving our actions. Our actions will produce improvement in our health with the same certainty as they did illness. You can "take it to the bank." If you have any doubts about this, simply put it to the test. You will be able to verify this directly in your own experience.

Let's now move to some practical applications of this new paradigm of health.

The Mind Holds the Body Prisoner

Practical Exercises:

Recall two times that you were sick, or experienced difficulty with your health. Now, ask yourself the following questions in light of the discussion on the mind holding the body prisoner.

Did you interpret your health challenges as a "disease" or illness, and/or as something caused by a bacteria or virus? The most important point here is not your exact interpretation. Did you generally interpret your illness as "something wrong" or "non-purposeful"? Were your actions not consistent with whatever interpretation you made? i.e., Did you try to make the symptom disappear without giving much thought to the underlying causes?

What difference might it have made, if you had interpreted your illness as an attempt on the part of your body to communicate with your mind. The attempted communication being intended to re-direct your daily actions toward those which would support your health. i.e., your body-mind was telling you of the need for a change, that if you made it, would bring you greater health and happiness, or less suffering.

Now, in rethinking this incident see if you can figure out what your body might have been trying to tell you. Often, people are able to look back and see that their body had been faithfully trying to warn them of the danger in one or more activities they were or were not doing (i.e. worrying excessively, eating poorly, relationship or job stress, not sleeping enough, not having fun etc.).

If you had interpreted your body's messages differently, how might this have changed your health? Can you see how your body was held "prisoner" and was also prevented from taking more healthful action by your mind's false beliefs and interpretations about illness? What might you do to free yourself even more from this prison of limiting interpretations and beliefs?

Reflect on the time, effort, study, money, expert consultations, etc. you had invested in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of real or feared health concerns (include health insurance costs).

Suppose you had invested the same time, effort, study, money, expert consultations, etc. in learning the fundamental skills of living and how to better support your health and happiness? How might your health and happiness be different today?

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