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When the precious human body is properly tended, its benevolence spills over to all of life. The impulse to tend, to care for, to heal, to embody love and freedom, grows in us.

Ponder and journal about the following possibilities:

  1. That your body is miraculous. That god speaks to you through your body.

  2. That your body is trying to communicate with you and guide you through your illness.

  3. That your illness is something beneficial and intelligent. That something right is happening and not something wrong. This does not deny that you experience pain and difficulty.

  4. That your body is completely capable of guiding you how to heal once you are open to her guidance.

  5. You can trust your body to guide you. She is infinitely wise and kind. Look for her guidance through sensations, emotions, dreams, relationships, intuition and “happen stance”.

  6. Value your common sense. Your wisdom to heal is found by honoring what actually makes sense to you. Do not limit it to only medical/biochemical explanations.

  7. Stop allowing medical thinking to trivialize your illness. Make as big a meaning as you can. Trivializing means believing your illness to be due to something trivial and beyond your control such as a virus, genetics or hormones. A bigger meaning would be “I am being mightily called to claim my power to govern my life and actions in these ways… My body is demanding that I embody the greatness that I long for in these areas…

  8. Take time to be with your body. Breathe relax and talk to her.

  9. Make your ordinary activities into ways to connect with and nourish your body.


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