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We all face the challenge of working with our resistance to doing actions that heal us rather than those than harm us.

If we were not resistant, we would act according to kindness and intelligence.

How do we skillfully work with our resistance?

This is a central question.

For me, it comes down to being more kind towards myself.

I see it like gaining the trust of a wild animal, say a fox. How do we get the fox to trust us? My resistance seems like a wild fox. In every way I try to show her that she is safe with me; I mean her no harm.

When I am practicing squatting in the morning, my body screams his resistance; stiffness, fatigue, pain; I hate this. I don’t want to do this. …

Rather than running rough shod over these wild, wise messengers. I, on a good day, am very soft and still, allowing them to come closer, move away, as their instincts bid.

Gradually, moment by moment, these wary messengers come closer, relax, and I get to see what they are like when they feel safe and loved.

A fox insists on being treated in ways that she, herself defines. I have little choice. When I come to her on her terms, I get to experience her in ways she reveals only to those who love and respect her.

Its the same with my resistance to the pain of my body mind.

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