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Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Your symptoms are your body’s way of calling for your attention. You are told your illness and suffering has little to do with you and the ways you live. I would tell you the opposite.

Your illness is not trivial but rather an expression of the same wisdom that designs your heart and coordinates brain chemistry and hormonal balance. Your symptoms, when understood and obeyed are nature’s instructions guiding you to exactly what must be done to regain your health. My work is to teach you how to understand these instructions.

Your health problems are the voice of the universe calling in; urging you to wake up and start living like everything you do matters. With every thought, word and deed you either nourish or poison your precious body.

Your Illness is Here to Guide You

Your illness is not evil, not something to fear. The symptoms you experience are living expressions of your body’s innate wisdom. They fill you with passion to do whatever you must to get well. Symptoms are precise instructions telling you what to do. Remember, you are innately self-healing. Illness is your body’s wise and beneficial (albeit, painful) way of healing you. The causes of your suffering are not in your body, but in the ways you use your body.


Your suffering awakens within you passion to find a cure. Suppressing your symptoms with drugs or surgery is not a cure—the only real cure is to find and eliminate the causes, most likely found in the “careless” ways you perform your most ordinary actions.

Your illness, if respected and obeyed rather than demonized, will guide you to become the person you long to be. Your quest for health will build integrity, character, passion, intelligence, patience, courage. It brings out the best in you.

I highly value the art of medicine, yet any fool can take medicines. It requires very little on your part. The path of self-healing gives great meaning to your illness. It dedicates you to beneficial action; restores dignity to your life. The path of naturopathic medicine heals not only your body, but your actions, thoughts and relationships.

You and you alone govern your thoughts, words and deeds.

Your actions such as eating, moving and thinking are what control the invisible biochemical actions within your body. They are the cure you are seeking. The ways you perform your ordinary daily actions control the biochemical processes of Health and disease within your body. To master your disease, master your actions.

Your disease is your cure. Through symptoms, your body is awakening you to the fact that the way you live matters… supremely.

This is powerful medicine. Do not be afraid. You can do this. Every step you take will benefit you. If these words ring true to you, then you have taken your first step.

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