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The mystical is the most practical way to live. It gets down to producing real results in and with your own body. We long for the power to heal our disease and suffering. Naturopathic Medicine calls this power "Vis Medicatrix Naturae", The Healing Power of Nature. To those without the heart of a mystic, "Vis" appears to be something mysterious, miraculous, and separate from us.

To the mystic Vis is not separate from herself. Vis, the loving nature of the universe is also our own nature. We are innately possessed of, and possessed by the Healing Power of the universe. We know this as our own ever-present goodwill; our desire to care for ourselves and Heal ourselves of our suffering.

This Healing, loving power leads us to understand that "it" uses our illness to guide us. And it guides us to make our love for ourselves real; to express it in our every daily action by making our actions expressions of our own love and intelligence. That gets absolutely practical. You Heal the ways you eat, move, think and relate and you will Heal your physio-pathology. You will know that that the divine Healer lives in and as you.

Kindness is mystical, and it is absolutely practical for kindness enables us to Heal our most practical behaviors. Through our behavior we organize and bring intelligence and coordination into the microcosmic world of our biochemistry - this physiological world is powerfully influenced by our actions. Our actions are determined by love.

The entire universe is of the same beautiful nature as we ourselves are. By awakening and embracing our own beauty and by loving ourselves for real in thought, word, and deed we get to see the beauty that we long to see. We see beauty blossom in our own bodies and minds. We get to see the beauty that we are willing to stand for; to actually embody in ourselves and for ourselves first. We know the beauty we express. We ourselves are the source of beauty, kindness, health, and happiness.

This is Mystical Naturopathic Medicine.

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