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In this video you see this man, Ido Portal, moving with great skill. His balance, poise, coordination, strength and flexibility are remarkable. You can learn to apply these principles to your every action; to the ways you stand, walk, bend, get in and out of a chair. In so doing, your movements become therapies that enhance rather than damage your joints, muscles and entire body. Being present in your body intentionally like this is vitalizing and relaxing. It brings you a calm, alert vitality. Feeling this way impacts the way you eat and think. It allows you to relate to others in ways that are also strong, flexible and poised.

Try it right now. Bring poise into your present posture. You need not know “how to do it.” Simply try to sit or stand in a manner that is more beautiful, in which you feel stronger and more balanced; which requires less tension… that feels more enjoyable to you! : )

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