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Conscious Movement


Use your journal to engage in the following questions.

What amount and types of exercise do you presently do?

What movements do you perform on a regular basis with the specific intention of promoting beauty, vitality, strength, flexibility, grace, endurance, etc.?

How might you further enrich your life (by your own standards of enrichment) through healing movement?

What results might you be able to accomplish?

What gifts, what good can you see would come to you if you were to really go for it with exercise and movement?

How would it effect your weight, strength, shape, flexibility, endurance, energy level, digestion, bowel movements, skin, appetite, sex life, sleep, moods, concentration, memory, various symptoms and illnesses, relationships, career, income? Go for it! Be imaginative!

The truth is: movement is a miracle which blesses and enriches every aspect of your life.

Design what you believe would be an optimal program of movement to bring about the body you want. To assist you, imagine exercise was available in a pill form.

What pills would you want?

30 minutes of running daily? 15 minutes of Yoga? Weight training for what parts? Dance? Tennis? What? Go for it! Have fun!

Now, give some thought to actually doing this. Watch all the reasons and rationalizations that surface to explain why you can’t really do this. Note down these thoughts and please note that these are just that – thoughts – you have never actually had this experience before so the truth is you do not know what it would be like.

If one of your thoughts is that too much exercise would harm you in any way please recall that is not exercise as we are defining it.

Too often in our culture exercise has been synonymous with mindlessness; it has been more like punishment. We are talking about love and caring given expression in motion.

Given all the beautiful gifts that await you through caring movement, are you willing to live your life without this gift? Is there any other means in the entire world by which you obtain the rewards of caring exercise?

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. What is the right first step for you to take this week? That is your homework. Enjoy it! If you are not inspired by it forget it and return to whatever joy you found in your previous movements.

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