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Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Our body is our most precious friend and servant. It is completely dependent upon us for wellbeing. It speaks to us constantly, telling us what we need. Pain and symptoms are cries for our attention.

It wants us to care and stop ignoring, even outright abusing ourselves. In our hearts we long to care for our bodies but we can’t. We are bound by years of self-harming habits such as food cravings, haunting anxiety, and scathing self-criticism.

We are all well aware of how challenging it is to master our behavior. Do not be daunted. I will help you. The rewards are priceless. The power to authorize what you will and will not do is a “wish fulfilling gem” that enables you to change yourself in the ways you most want to change.

This path is one of kindness and honesty, of treating ourselves as would a loving parent. The results from step one are fulfilling and satisfying.

Love, Kindness and Healing,


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