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Intellectually knowing what to eat is a necessary but very small part of actually eating well. There are other much more powerful influences on what you eat. The questions below will give you insight into the real obstacles you must overcome to achieve the success you desire.

I offer you practical training in overcoming these obstacles.


1 means “never” or “hardly at all”

10 means “always” or “to the maximum.”

Also, from the list below circle the three biggest influences on your eating.

1. I eat in close alignment with my present understanding of what is best for me.

2. I often make poorer food choices because I feel rushed and in a hurry.

3. I eat when I am not hungry.

4. I overeat.

5. My cravings and addictions compel me to eat against my better judgment.

6. I make poorer food choices when I am pre-menstrual or during menopause.

7. I eat poorly at work.

8. I eat poorly when I travel.

9. When I eat in restaurants I generally give into temptation more.

10. I have wholesome, appealing meals available to me:

At home_____ work_____ car _____ traveling ______

11. I eat poorly after dinner or at the end of the day.

12. I feel I lack the time to prepare and eat wholesome meals.

13. Being tired causes me to give in to poor food choices.

14. I use food to block myself from feeling emotions. List the emotions you most avoid:

15. I eat when I am feeling troubled in my relationship.

16. I allow my friends or family to negatively effect my eating.

17. My eating often degenerates at social gatherings, parties and during holidays.

18. I have real doubts that I can overcome my obstacles to nourishing myself well.

19. I experience shame or guilt about what I eat.

20. I am critical and self-judgmental. I focus much more on what I’ve done wrong than what I’ve done right.

21. I know what specific foods I can eat to reduce my cravings in moments of temptation.

22. When my eating gets “out of control” I am usually able to get myself back on track in:

Minutes Hours Days Weeks Months Years

23. I am very afraid I will fail again in my attempts to improve my eating.

24. When I fail a few times I readily give up on myself and go back to my old ways of eating.

25. I have people who actively support me in eating well.


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