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Guided Courses

Transformational Teaching and Training in Behavioral Medicine 

We all have the ability to listen and understand, but when we have been far removed from this natural process, it takes time and a good teacher to relearn and remember how to decipher what it is that our body is telling us.  --Charley Cropley, ND

Following a Naturopathic Health Evaluation, Guided Courses are dynamic engagements with patient-students. The nature of these guided naturopathic courses & trainings are high touch, experiential, barrier breaking and unique to each patient-student.  The themes of healing for human beings are the same, the focus of treatment is unique for each participant.

Each of the guided naturopathic courses & trainings are fully engaged with high touch support for participants through steady communication, tracking, journaling and doctor visits--working with and guiding the entire healing process.  Once a Naturopathic Health Evaluation has been completed,  a direction of healing is established and recommended, in the form of a guided course. 


A participant in our naturopathic courses & training may know from the start they want to engage in eating healthier.  A primary obstacle may look like it's food and learning new ways of eating, yet if a patient-student has a loud, critical mind, a food course would not be of service quite yet.   The start of healing here, in this example, may very well be engaging in a course focused entirely on kindness or conscious relating.  
The Clinical Intensive broken into parts comprise each of the guided courses found on this website.  Each week, each task and session has the power to completely transform every quarter of a person's life--not just a healthy body alone.   


One way I teach students to work with “deprivation & difficulty” is by teaching them kindness and gentleness in the present moment of performing a new action. To turn their attention towards their own kindness & goodwill and deliberately infuse these qualities into the new behavior.  --Charley Cropley, ND

Why Guided Courses?  Why not just doctor appointments?

After decades of observing and practicing Naturopathic Behavioral Medicine,  working with every manner of illness, an understanding of the nature of impediments and solutions to healthy behavioral changes emerged.  Over time, these naturopathic wellness practices, tools and support evolved into guided courses.  Most obstacles to wholeness and health are common in the human experience and these courses address all of them.  The kind of tools and level of support used in our naturopathic healing courses are unique for each patient-student, and the pace is different from participant to participant.   We will move slowly sometimes.  We speed along other times. 


The evolution from individual appointments to guided courses is entirely formed to address what oftentimes, for the patient-student, feels like an insurmountable task.  Nourish offers the expertise, tools, guidance and support to dissolve these obstacles and make real world changes, not just to a participant's health, but to their entire life.    It requires dedication and time.  These guided naturopathic courses & trainings are the maps out of suffering, if you are willing to lean into the teachings and  support offered here.  

Some things to know, overall:

  • Guided Courses range from 2-16 weeks

  • These Guided Courses are high-touch, very supported 

  • Check out the benefits!

  • These guided courses are experiential, immersive and flows far beyond just one-on-one clinical sessions

  • The Naturopathic Health Evaluation and present condition will advise which Guided Course is best suited to meet you exactly where you are today, in every sense

  • More information about how we work with you

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Guided Courses

The Clinical Intensive

Food Is Your Best Medicine

Physician Heal Thyself

Essentials of Self-Healing

Self Mastery

The Wisdom of Illness

What patient-students say about their experience...

When I think of the men I know who stand for integrity and truth, Charley Cropley stands with the men I know and respect. His knowledge and dedication to health and well being is based on years of study and practice and he is who I look to for advice when I am wanting guidance toward my own health and well being. Thank you Charley for inspiring me to heal myself with natural foods and practices. -Don T.

White Pillars
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