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Self Mastery

Free yourself from habit and instill life-giving behavior

"The art of self-healing is the art of cultivating cooperation between our apparently conflicting urges which expresses as voices, sensations, emotions and over time, manifests as illness." --Charley Cropley, ND

Our behavior is the dominant influence on whether we succumb to or heal from disease. It is the essential foundation of our health. If we do not direct our behavior intelligently; if we continue doing what harms us and cannot stop, what hope do we have of regaining our precious health? 

If we cannot cease harming our bodies, we become dependent upon doctors and medicines. Yet, no medicine can possibly heal illness caused by self-injurious behavior.   The Course in Self-Mastery provides mentoring and instruction on how to free ourselves from addictive, compulsive behaviors and advises instead on how to instill life-giving behaviors leading to healing, health, and vitality. Self-Mastery is akin to self-governance, self-control, discipline, and integrity.  It is the power to make difficult and lasting improvements in our behavior; to do what is truly beneficial and to stop doing what harms, and do so with ease and compassion.


Self-mastery is literally the power to heal.

No therapy is as beneficial to our health as ceasing the behaviors that injure our metabolism and instead, engaging in the behaviors that nourish a healthy metabolism.  For most, the unconscious strategy for improving behavior is to become ever more self-critical, judgmental, and try even harder at the same failed strategy. The result is sickness, discouragement, and despair. 


We heal self-harming habitual patterns when we show up as a witness to these behaviors. We become conscious of what was once unconscious, sometimes even robotic behavior.   The Self Mastery Course was developed to break barriers that keep us in this state.  This course opens the door to empowered behavioral change through digging to the root of what keeps unconscious patterns alive in us.  

If you have not visited us before,  please book a Preliminary Consultation and Naturopathic Health Evaluation prior to booking this Course.  

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Useful questions regarding self-mastery:


  • Do coffee, wine, sugar or porn have me, or do I have them? 

  • How confident am I that I will free myself from deeply seated habits? 

  • How skillfully do I direct my thoughts, words and actions? 

  • Do I actually do the actions that I know with certainty benefit my health? 

  • Am I able to stop doing the actions that harm me? 

This Course trains patient-students in the following essential skills:

Freedom from addictive, compulsive behaviors and instillation life-giving behaviors 

Mentoring and instruction by example

Healing of fear and resistance to honestly facing deeply entrenched habits

Learn how to work skillfully with habit 

Become more kind and gentle with oneself

Transform conscience/intuition into a trusted ally and guide  

Find true, natural, unstoppable motivation (vs hype) 

Reconcile the conflicting voices and urges that govern behavior 

Train in two distinct forms of practice for strengthening self-mastery 


Programs included:


Self Mastery

Karma & Causation



Three Clinical Consultations   (55 minutes)

Two Clinical Consultations (25 minutes)

Engagement time:  


6 week course*

*These Guided Courses are designed to work with and fit into your present schedule, with your health, work and lives as they exist at the time of booking.  

Booking for the Self Mastery course is below.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out.  Thank you.  

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When I think of the men I know who stand for integrity and truth, Charley Cropley stands with the men I know and respect. His knowledge and dedication to health and well being is based on years of study and practice and he is who I look to for advice when I am wanting guidance toward my own health and well being. Thank you Charley for inspiring me to heal myself with natural foods and practices. -Don T.

Yoga Practice

Self Mastery

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