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Naturopathic nutrition therapy
Food Is Your Best Medicine

The Art of Self-Nourishment

For decades Food Is Your Best Medicine has been a cornerstone teaching,  successfully training persons, doctors and holistic practitioners how to heal eating habits and shift their relationship with food.  Charley has served 45 years as a clinician, using nutrition as a primary therapy, with more than 40,000 hours dedicated to this craft alone.   This naturopathic nutrition therapy and training aids in healing illness and imbalance within the body, mind, and emotions through a transformation of one's relationship with eating and food.  


In this guided course, participants learn to transform relationships with food, hunger, cravings, food addictions, and eating dysfunction(s).  Participants in our naturopathic nutrition therapy are guided and supported as they are trained in how to listen to their body, how to carefully observe their body and emotional response to food, and explore the motivations and impulses of their eating habits and rituals.  Patient-students learn to sense the difference between a craving of the mind or emotions and a true desire of the body.   And there's so much more to this guided naturopathic course, with fasting, detoxification, and more natural therapies.  


Food Is Your Best Medicine is not a diet.   It's a complete & comprehensive naturopathic nutrition therapy program that cultivates a healing relationship between participant and eating.  It establishes a personalized eating regimen, purifies the body of metabolic poisons, identifies and eliminates food allergies, and transforms one's relationship with hunger. 



  • learn how food affects energy, mood, and physical symptoms

  • understand how and when to employ fasting and modified fasting 

  • discover how to use fasting to heal acute illnesses  

  • establish a balanced eating regimen including learning to shop and prepare wholesome meals

  • feel prepared to eat wholesome foods when away from home, commuting, traveling, (and in all situations)  

  • develop a precise methodology for identifying and eliminating food sensitivities and allergies

  • embody five simple principles to guide food choices:  natural, alive, simple, whole, and clean  

More Benefits

If you are new to Nourish, please book a Preliminary Health Consultation prior to enrolling in this course.  Thank you and welcome!  

What patient-students say about their experience...

I was referred to Dr. Cropley by a dear friend who took one of his seminars about food being medicine. I was recently diagnosed with a serious condition and was feeling frustrated that my doctors just put me on a pill and wanted to “watch it”. There is never discussion about how to HEAL disease, only how to maintain disease. I was excited to find someone who took the time to look at the whole picture of my health and help me be proactive to reverse my condition. Dr. Cropley is a kind and compassionate man with so much knowledge to share. I feel like I am in good hands. -Pamala R.

This Course trains patient-students in the following essential skills:

how to create a basic, fundamental eating regimen 

how to implement an allergy elimination diet

precise methodology for re-introducing and testing suspected allergens and food sensitivities

how to fast and fast with ease

how to use fasting for acute conditions​


Programs included:


Building a foundational eating regimen

Food allergy elimination

Fasting & Cleansing

Food reintroduction 

Sensitivity testing



Seven Clinical Consultations (25 minutes)

Engagement time:  


3 week course*

*Guided courses are designed to work with and fit into your present schedule, with your health, work and lives as they exist at the time of booking.  

Booking for the Food Is Your Best Medicine is below.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out.  Thank you.  

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Food Is Your Best Medicine

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