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Naturopathic Practitioner

The Wisdom of Illness

Discover the Root Cause of Your Disease

Suppression drives illness deeper, forcing it to express in another form, eventually becoming chronic. Bloating, skin itch or fatigue are the body’s message to change. Self-mastery is the common theme of healing.  In our mind, in our bodies, in our relationships, everything reacts to being poisoned, injured, fatigued and stressed.   -Charley Cropley, ND

The Wisdom of Illness is the Guided Course Nourish most commonly recommends a patient-student complete first. This Guided Course from our skilled naturopathic practitioner transforms patient-student's relationship with disease and teaches an integrated experience of how disease and symptoms are viewed and perceived, leading to harmful behavior.  The Wisdom of Illness is a fresh and freeing experience of disease itself and the use of powerful tools focused on recovery from sickness and building health.  Whether online or in-person at our naturopathic  health & wellness center, this Guided Course allows, you to learn how the entire body, as a unified whole- physically, mentally, and emotionally- responds to the natural environment and works toward healing itself. 


The Wisdom of Illness focuses on the patient-student--not the disease.  

If you are new to working with our naturopathic practitioner, please book a Preliminary Health Consultation prior to enrolling in this course.  Thank you and welcome!  

What patient-students say about their experience...

My time with Dr. Cropley has changed me in ways I could not have expected. The biggest insight I gained through our work together.  Charley is an amazing healer.  He has helped me to recommit to my health and well being in ways that are surprisingly simple yet so foreign  in our "modern" Age. Charley's work is desperately needed in the world today and he has the ability to drastically improve one's life if they are willing and committed to following his guidance. Charley has been able to help me in ways where the medical establishment hasn't been able to.  -Greg P.

Our naturopathic practitioners teach patient-students the following essential skills:

Identification of the root causes of illness and how to heal those causes

How to investigate the physiologic and metabolic mechanisms by which behavior creates illness 

Understand how illness progresses from an acute stage to a chronic stage if the behavioral causes are ignored and medicines alone are used to suppress the symptoms

Learn how illness, correctly understood, awakens in us a genuine passion to change our self-harming behaviors

Programs included:


The Wisdom of Illness 

Presence Practice

Physical Self Examination



One Clinical Consultation (40 minutes)

One Clinical Consultation (25 minutes)

Engagement time:  


2-week course*

*These Guided Courses are designed to work with and fit into your present schedule, with your health, work, and life as they exist at the time of booking.  

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

The Wisdom of Illness

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