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 Nourish:  The Art of Self-Healing

 45 years of healing the root of illness & addiction with Charley Cropley, ND

Nourish:  Naturopathic Healing Arts is a virtual/in-person naturopathic clinic, led by Dr. Charley Cropley.  Nourish specializes in training individuals, groups, holistic doctors and practitioners in the art and practice of self-healing through the examination and modification of  four primary behaviors.   The Guided Courses and techniques reflect more than 45 years of practice and experience, having been distilled into potent courses, which are guided, supported and led by Cropley Cropley, ND, a leading naturopathic doctor who serves local Longmont residents and patients and students across the globe. Read what prior patient-students have to say.  

Welcome, New Patients

Preliminary Health Consultation & Naturopathic Health Evaluation​

Every healing journey begins with an evaluation of where a patient's health and behavior is today, at this moment.   The Preliminary Consultation and Naturopathic Health Evaluation is the intake portion, the review of health history, present condition, treatments, medications, family history and more are all unpacked and reviewed along with behavior and condition of the relationship with the body.

Book your Preliminary Consultation

What to Expect

Courses & Consultations


  • Directly experience the innate power to heal disease

  • Soothe anxiety and self-criticism

  • Heal emotional eating

  • Master food cravings

  • Experience freedom from self-harming habits

  • Strengthen power to do what truly benefits & heals

  • Build strong, sustainable, self-healing practices

  • Learn techniques that complement any medicine or protocol

  • Measurable improvements in diagnosed clinical illnesses

Welcome, Returning Patients

It's great to see you here!  If you are not presently engaged in a course with us, please use the appointment link above to book an appointment.  If you require a longer appointment, please reach out.  

If you haven't seen us in a while, this website will most likely be new to you.  And there are other changes that may seem foreign, such as organized courses. The courses on this website are a complete education in the art of self-healing. They include visits with Charley, assignments, tracking, behavioral modifications and the other tools such as breath work, along with tons of support.  

We are using business software (Healthie)  to organize appointments, store and protect patient data, track communication confidentially and is generally the office space for our courses.  If you have not made an account with them, you will need to make one.  We've done our best to work with this software so that it is helpful for both of us.


You can book various amounts of time.  

If you have had a significant change in your health since your last visit, please send us an email so we can get your health records updated.  And, should need assistance, as always, please give a call or email us.  

Guided Courses

Following a Health Evaluation from our skilled naturopathic doctor, Guided Courses are dynamic engagements with patient-students. The nature of these Courses with Nourish is high touch, experiential, barrier breaking and unique to each patient-student.  The themes of healing for human beings are the same, the focus of treatment is individual--which means how we get there or said better, where we put our attention expands the healing in that particular area of our health.   

Education & Training for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

This training covers the fundamentals of an initial workup using behavioral diagnostics and therapeutics, report of findings, prognosis, and prescription of behavioral therapeutics.   We are still treating from a disease model if we do not consider the human condition.  The Physician Heal Thyself guided course offers a true health model rather than a disease model.

Thank you, Charley! You helped me instill in my mind/heart/soul that I can heal myself. I learned (or remembered) how to connect with the love and kindness I feel for myself and use this to soothe my negative self-talk. -Danielle H.

 Nourish:  The Art of Self-Healing

 45 years of healing the root of illness & addiction with Charley Cropley, ND

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