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Clinical Intensive

A 16 Week Comprehensive Course in Self-Healing

The 16 week Clinical Intensive engagement covers the entirety of the self-healing process--from seed to empowered human. The guidance, compassionate support and education within this course nurtures a new cadence with the natural rhythm of life, the body, other people.  This course at our naturopathic clinic and treatment center teaches skillfulness in the four behaviors of eating, moving, thinking  and relating and how to master your behavior using kindness, truthfulness, and community. 


In your clinical intensive, we will identify your habitual, self-harming behaviors that are causing disease and teach you practices to heal these behaviors. You will graduate with a personalized daily naturopathic medicine therapeutic regimen of eating, movement, self-study, and relating that will (unfailingly) improve the health of your body and mind.  


Your daily self-healing practices are (intended to be) lifelong. You will be strongly supported by Dr. Cropley and his team throughout the 16 week intensive, including 16 personal consultations (see below). 

If you are new to Nourish and naturopathic medicine, please book a Preliminary Health Consultation prior to enrolling in the Clinical Intensive.  Thank you and welcome!  

What patient-students say about their experience...

I've met with Charley off and on for a few years now. He has helped me with my allergies, an auto-immune disease, strengthening/healing my body, and most of all Charley continues to remind me and guide me in embodying Love and growing in confidence that it is me and I heal myself. Charley is a treasure!  --T.A.

This Course trains patient-students in the following essential skills:

How to work with re-education, compassionate support, crisis, addiction & cravings, lethargy and other obstacles to empowered, whole health 

Deep listening and present engagement with illness, relationships, situations (inner and outer worlds)

Expertise in eating, moving, thinking and relating-specific to each participant

Personalized self-healing practices

How to access grounding, energy, thought awareness and courage, anytime 

How to maintain healing skills for the months and years ahead


Programs included:

The Wisdom of Illness

Clinical Intensive (CI) Introduction 

Building a Foundational Eating Regimen 

Food Allergy Elimination 

Fasting & Cleansing

Food Reintroduction & Sensitivity Testing 

The Four Behaviors


Healing The War Within 

The Three Medicines

The Hero's Journey

Karma & Causation 

You Are Self-Healing

Clinical Intensive - Self-Evaluation & Completion  



8 Clinical Consultations   (75 minutes)

8  Clinical Consultations (25 minutes)

Engagement time:  


16 week course*

*These Guided Courses are designed to work with and fit into your present schedule, with your health, work and lives as they exist at the time of booking.  

Pro tip:  For this course and many of our courses, it would be most beneficial to partner with a spouse or friend.  Ask someone to embark and this empowering journey!

clin int booking

Booking for The Clinical Intensive is below.  If you have any questions about naturopathic medicine or need assistance, please reach out.  Thank you.  


Clinical Intensive

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