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Incentives & Scholarships

Let's invest in your health together 

Welcome, self-healer!  At Nourish:  Naturopathic Healing Arts, our primary goal is to make these teachings, tools, guidance and support available to any person ready to empower themselves, their health and well being.  We do not follow a western model of doctor visit, medication and see you next time, love. That doesn't produce anything but managed health, we say.  


Similar to a group of visits a person may receive from a  physical therapist or dietician (but with far more day to day support and guidance!) we cannot produced a fully functional self healer in a single visit.  These carefully crafted guided courses are meant to bring about true and lasting benefits to participant's overall health: physically, mentally, emotionally.  Outwardly, this is reflected in quality of life, relationship improvement, amount of ease with life situations and improved abilities. Nourish desires to be available for anyone wishing to benefit from this work.  Without sacrificing the value of these services or our own well being, we wish to make our services available and not stuck behind a paywall for those ready.


These days, insurance companies have become more and more open to valuing and covering our services.  Please check with your provider to find out if naturopathic medicine is covered.  We do not have the bandwidth to file insurance for you.  However, we can provide you with anything requested from your provider, with your permission.  


Flexible Spending Account

Please check with your employer to confirm these funds can be used for our services.  More often than not,  our services qualify.  


Have you visited our Blog?  Look for free practices category.  

We host free webinars quite frequently.  These can give you some a-ha moments.  Sign-up and we'll put you on the list to be notified of our next webinar. 

Low Investment

Nourish often holds group sessions for the Essentials in Self-Healing and Food Is Your Best Medicine and a variety of other courses.  Sign-up to join us on our next group healing journey.  



Nourish offers discounts on the guided courses for two or more participants.  Examples of groups doing this work together can come together as clinical teams, corporate groups,  groups within yoga studios and gyms or even entire families.  If you would like more information on incentives for groups, please reach out and share your details and make your query.  


Couples (any combination) are encouraged to sign-up.  There are incredible additional benefits when two people living together or in an intimate relationship engage our services together.  If you are couple wanting to join in this work together, please reach out.  


You may qualify for a scholarship.  Please reach out with as many details as you feel comfortable sharing and we'll respond directly.  

So much love,

The team at Nourish:  Naturopathic Healing Arts

When I think of the men I know who stand for integrity and truth, Charley Cropley stands with the men I know and respect. His knowledge and dedication to health and well being is based on years of study and practice and he is who I look to for advice when I am wanting guidance toward my own health and well being. Thank you Charley for inspiring me to heal myself with natural foods and practices. -Don T.

Incentives & Expenses
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