Radical Self-Healing Retreat 

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The root cause of your illness, fatigue, suffering and anxiety are your self-harming habits.

Are your daily habits of eating and movement, thinking and relating contributing to your pain and suffering?

Do you yearn for the power to change these habits?

Experience the joy of Healing yourself; mentally, emotionally and physically.


Whether you’re fighting MS or cancer, struggling with being overweight or an aging body, or want to become more strong and agile, the most certain, powerful, and affordable way to dramatically improve your Health is to harness your power and take better of your body. 

You already know this. You try to do this. But the challenges to permanently changing your ways of eating and living are enormous.  You have no time, your cravings are unmanageable, you are too tired, you can’t stay motivated, and your family and friends do not prioritize their health.

My friends, it does not have to be this way. Come spend a weekend with me the peaceful, quiet setting at the Shambhala Mountain Center, and get the tools and support you need to permanently turn your life around. 

My mission is to empower you to take charge of your own Health and happiness and free yourself from the victimhood of disease and suffering.


By taking this course, you will:

  • See the possibility for change in your own life
  • Tap into your personal power to create happiness and health for yourself 
  • Connect to your body—feel self-expressed, energized and grounded by the joy of movement
  • Experience real intimacy in relationship
  • Generate love and compassion for yourself
  • Discover what true nourishment feels like in your body
  • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals on your personal journey to wholeness and oneness

Every way in which you think that you’re battered and broken is an opportunity to heal and grow.


This three-day course features:

  • Three days of intimate workshops with Dr. Charley Cropley
  • Two nights at the remote and beautiful Shambhala Mountain Center
  • High-energy and fun workouts with Charley
  • Homemade, nutritious, community meals
  • Teams of three to explore and grow together in community
  • A group hike up to the Great Stupa to connect with Nature
  • Educational lectures and demonstrations
  • Guided Meditations and visualizations
  • Journal prompts and guided writing exercises

Join us on our Self-Healing Retreat

After forty years of seeing patients as a Naturopathic Doctor, and guiding them on their journey of self-healing, I’ve discovered what makes the difference in bringing about health and happiness. Many people know what they ought to be doing to improve their health, but struggle to take powerful action. 


Testimonials from previous attendees of Radical Self-Healing:

“I experienced a transformation that allowed me to become fully aware of the self-harming habits that were negatively affecting my health and an opportunity to rediscover more healing alternatives. I attained a level of self-healing, in weekend program, that I have struggled to achieve in a lifetime.  Dr. Cropley’s methods and use of group triads have profoundly changed the quality of my life.”
“From this workshop, I gained the ability to be vulnerable, find kindness within myself, and calm my mind. The most beneficial takeaway was finding trust in myself and my kindness within.”

"My time with Dr. Cropley has changed me in ways I could not have expected. The biggest insight I gained through our work together is that I am my own healer. Only I can heal myself. The loving, honest and strong person within me has infinite power to create amazing change in my own life. Our time together helped spark a change in how I view myself and my body and has encouraged me to continue choosing self care over and over again. As a medical student in a rigorous program, my view of "physician, heal thyself" has been greatly expanded. I am thankful for Dr. Cropley's fierce and loving dedication to his work, his patients and his own well-being. He embodies the healing power of naturopathic medicine."

“My favorite part of this program was experiencing Dr. Cropley’s absolute passion for inspiring and challenging each participant for believing in their innate power for healing ourselves.  He created an atmosphere in which the synergy of the group was an incredible source of energy to explore the relationship between the way we communicate with our bodies and the ultimate effect this has on our health.”
“My favorite part of this weekend was working in small groups.  I was nervous to be vulnerable in front of such a large group, and the group exercises were excellent ways for me to let down my guard and experience the vulnerable feelings.”
“I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has struggled with the frustration of chronic illness that has not found answers using conventional medicine.  Dr. Cropley’s commitment to them path of self-healing will greatly benefit anyone who has suffered from anxiety and depression who are looking for more powerful alternatives.”
“I would recommend this course to anybody and everybody. The most beneficial skill we can obtain is the ability to self-love and connect our mind and body. Everybody could use the time to reflect and gain a better understanding of their true self. “
“Anyone who wants to live a healthy and happy life should nor miss the opportunity to attend this course!”

Find your own Radical Self-Healing power and you’ll find Health and happiness.  

You will not need medicine.  If you don’t find this power, you will never have sustainable Health.  You will be forever chasing cures, something outside your own power.  

Almost nobody is able to do this alone. You need friends, community. Community is as essential as water and food. You cannot sustain your Health without community. In a sick community, it is difficult to live a wholesome life.

Our American culture not only does not support your health, it actually attacks and antagonizes your noble efforts to heal. We give you the education, support, and accountability to do exactly those things you cannot do alone. We teach you how to harness your personal power to make the changes that you want in your life.

I am committed to improving your Health, and I want you to be committed too. Keep in mind this is challenging work. Come to this retreat ready to transform your way of living.