Expectations for One Week Intensive Preceptorship with Dr. Cropley, N.D.


  • Cleanliness and tidiness are crucial with two of us living so closely for a week. We clean as we cook and put things away as they are finished. This allows for a more energetically open living arrangement, as clutter clouds the mind.
  • The mission of your preceptorship is to learn by serving what and whom I serve. I live in service to my patients. You will do whatever you can so that your presence here empowers the work we are doing. My life includes the needs to shop, prepare food, do dishes, wash the car, tend the garden. We each give ourselves fully to doing whatever we can to serve this purpose. Together, we discover how to do this a day and a moment at a time by our ongoing dialogue.
  • We will learn from one another, enhancing understanding of ourselves through working, eating, playing, and thinking together. This is a mutually beneficial mentorship. A willingness to step into the relationship is understood.
  • I expect that you will be timely and respectful of the schedule I keep. I usually get up at sunrise and go to bed between 9:00 and 10:00pm. On occasion, we may stay out later, but for the most part these are the hours I keep. You are free to come and go as you please as long my rest is taken into consideration.