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The Patient Journey

These programs are focused on health and healing. Each session focuses on how these teachings are needed at this stage in your healing journey. I.e How is this week’s teaching specifically needed to produce healing of your individual illness or health challenges. 


  1. TWO initial visits 

  2. I do an 8 week Intensive in Self-Healing along with The Yoga of Eating 


  3. CSH 16 weeks 

  4. Conscious Relating (Relating & Community) a 4 to 6 week course 

  5. Ongoing support groups under the guidance of a mentee, … with a curriculum? 

  6. After completing this one may apply for additional privates sessions with me 

  7. that’s it. Same for everybody. 


Have pre and post evaluations & interviews for each stage. 

Agreements about the level of participation recommended. 

A new person visits the website. 


“Hey, welcome. Let me help you. What are you interested in?” 


Everything we offer is contained in one of the following topics. 


Create a video overview of a typical patient’s journey 

This overview describes the Clinical Intensive. It is a summary of the education we offer in the actual Clinical intensive. 

The challenge is to keep even the overview primarily experiential rather than conceptual. 

Table of Contents

  • The Wisdom of Illness  

    • Illness begins in the digestive tract 

    • “Relationship is our central teaching.”

    • “We heal disease by healing our relationship to disease.” ... our relationship to our body, mind, fear, overeating, whatevah  


  • The Yoga of Eating ... Food Is Your Best Medicine (FBM) 

    • includes only “A basic eating regimen” and recipes. 

  • The four behaviors 

  • Self-Governance

  • Kindness, Truthfulness, & Community 





A toolkit containing the principles & practices each patient will learn. Each patient’s toolkit will be uniquely adapted to their needs. 


The principles inform the practices. 

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