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The Art of Self-Healing 



We know that Healing requires both medicine and education. The foundation of health is education, not medicine.   

Over 45 years I have grown to practice almost exclusively as a teacher. I have working relationships with numerous primary care docs and specialists. They provide medical care for my clients and I provide education for theirs. 

A sick body, a diseased body is a neglected body. 

An anxious or depressed mind is a neglected mind. 

All suffering is a call for attention. 

Wise and compassionate action is the only remedy. 


The object of Healing is not your disease; not your fat, your low adrenals, your depression, MS or cancer. 

Nor is it even your behavior. Rather it is you, yourself, the person you take yourself to be. The Healing is in the form of increasing your love for yourself and your understanding of yourself.  


I DO NOT CLAIM TO CURE CANCER, NOR DO I KNOW OF ANYONE, ANYWHERE WHO CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM. I do maintain that I can teach you a way of living that will markedly improve your Health and thereby improve your attitude, moods, energy, digestion, elimination, sleep etc. 

Below is the general description the practice of Self-Healing

Hopefully above I have stated some specific practices. 


  1. Write out a description of yourself.  Describe your qualities, actions, behaviors, habits, skills, ineptness, desires, fears you like or admire and those you dislike.  


  1. Categorize these into physical, mental-emotional and social.  


  1. With regard to any activity or experience, pay close attention to what you are doing and what you are experiencing.  Fully experience this activity. Study it with the intent of understanding it i.e. experiencing it. 


  1. Next, shift into loving yourself fully by bringing kindness to yourself simultaneously while you are consciously experiencing your experience of suffering. 


  1. Now install the new behavior you desire.  Speak it into your mental body, feel the goodness of it, the success of it in your emotional body, and relax your physical body.  

To teach others to Heal themselves you must first Heal yourself. 


To Heal yourself is to love yourself and understand yourself.  


The practices of Self loving and Self understanding are these. 


  • Compassionate listening and feeling 

  • Authentic, honest speaking

  • Practicing these skills with others 

These skills are applied to Heal unconscious compulsive behaviors of eating, moving, thinking and relating. By practicing these skills we Heal our suffering. I.e. We cease to be unconsciously compelled to perform actions that cause us suffering. I.e. We “unlearn” these behaviors. We learn to perform new actions or the same actions in new ways that produce Health and happiness. 


"When you shine the light, darkness disappears. 

We may understand this as a kind of fight between

light and darkness; but in reality, it is an embrace."- Thich Nhat Hanh

Everything taught is contained in one of the following topics: 


  • The Wisdom of Illness  

  • The Four Behaviors 

  • Self-Mastery  

  • Kindness, Truthfulness & Community 

These are quotes from the module “You are self-healing.” 



And this. 


We know when we are being kind to ourselves and when we are not. We know when we are living our truth and when we are not. This wisdom is innate, instinctual, uncontrived, ordinary, common. Every living creature possesses this innate yearning and intelligence for how to care for themselves. Without this, how would we survive? What would move us to avoid harm and seek happiness?

The Process of Self-Healing:

The Process of Self Discovery leads us to The Process of Self-Healing. The work you do for yourself is essential to your healing. To be learning and intelligently experimenting with the forward direction of your health. Supplements are supplemental. The greatest power people have to get well is self healing, It is what you can do for yourself.

Movement: our unique approach

We already know that we need exercise and rest. 


Movement when performed mechanically, divorced from our loving intention may harm us more than benefit us.

It is our conscious, caring presence in our body that heals our body. Whether we work out vigorously or are bed ridden what heals us is deliberately using our movements as a way of being deliberately kind to ourselves. 


Whether your preferred workout is yoga, weight training, or running

Our approach emphasizes Breathing, relaxing, posture, and inhabiting our body. 


What is self-healing?  

How is it different from medicine?




  • 3 minute workouts 

  • Pacing

  • Posturing

  • Breathwork 



Our Illness is wise: 


We listen to the wisdom of the body; her sensations, movements, pain, fatigue, stiffness 


step one: 

How passionately, how sincerely do you desire health? 


Our strategy for healing. 

What is causing your health problems? 

       both Ancient and modern



Illness is a message or a plea to change our behavior. 



Self-mastery: Our greatest challenge. 


The three medicines: or Power with vs Power over 


We Make the unconscious conscious. 

Mindfulness: We become conscious of our unconscious behavior. 


We Heal our self-harming Habits 



The law of causation: 



Did you not care for yourself best when you were seeing me regularly? 

We have a healing relationship. Our relationship calls forth your own self-healing power. 




What we can and cannot control. 

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