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Home Hospital

The home hospital is exactly what it says. The patient is usually fasting and remains in bed as much as s/he is able. This requires assistants to prepare food, baths, apply hydrotherapy, care for children, do laundry etc. 

I can write or dictate further instructions. 


  • The term, “home hospital” describes the tone and atmosphere of the healing regimen patients are taught to implement within their own home for the care of both acute and chronic conditions. 


Within one’s home hospital a patient creates, hopefully with the help of others, an environment of deep rest, purification, inspiration and hope. The foundational practices include fasting, bowel cleansing, hydrotherapy, therapeutic breathing, prayer and meditation. 

This is but a beginning. 

  • Fasting 

  • Enemas 

  • Rest 

  • Bicarb 

  • Hydro

  • Books, videos, podcasts 

  • Breathing videos 

  • Value of fresh air 


I want to also recommend 


  • several herbal and homeopathic formulas; 

  • essential oils, 

  • vaporizers, 

  • nebulizers, 

  • air filtration devices, 

  • blenders, 

  • juicers, 

  • a-a-and more. 



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