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Juice Bottles

This course is life-changing.  It teaches you how to use modified fasting to restore and increase your health.  It gives you an in-the-body experience of your innate self-healing capacities.  It will seriously reduce your dependence on medicines, surgery and doctors. 


In my decades of naturopathic practice, juice fasting is the most powerful single healing tool.  It is more powerful than any medicine, and far safer.  It is as close to a miracle as anything that exists in medicine.  This opinion is shared by many esteemed physicians today and throughout medical history. Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha and Gandhi all fasted extensively.  


Today we are witnessing a revival of fasting.  In these times when disease is epidemic, many medicines harmful and costs prohibitive, fasting provides a safe, intelligent, effective way to restore one’s health.  Fasting combined with wholesome eating, produces unparalleled benefit in almost all health problems. 


Fasting is not just beneficial, it is essential in the same way as is sleep, exercise and good food.  As you come to understand how fasting works a light will go on for you.  You will know with certainty that you have discovered an essential tool completely overlooked by conventional medicine. Fasting gives you a direct, in the body experience of your body’s innate ability to heal.  This experience strengthens your confidence that you are capable of healing your sickness and it soothes your anxieties about your health. 


I have led thousands of clients through fasts varying from one day to fifty days. In this group course, you will be clearly guided how to adapt your fast so it is completely safe and something that you are capable of doing without undue difficulty and stress. 


No matter what your health concerns, you will experience meaningful benefit in doing this course. You (and your family) will learn lessons here that you will use for the rest of your life to nourish and strengthen your body and protect you against all manner of illness. 

In Health and Happiness,


Charley Cropley, N.D. 

This 10 Day Juice Fast includes a Preparation Session leading up to a 7 day juice fast (some call it a cleanse) and an After Party Closing Session.  There is plenty of support available throughout the week of the fast.  Join us!

Juice Bottles
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