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Administrative Assistant - Job Description 

for Charley Cropley, N.D.


Applicants - Please send resume to 

Work schedule: 12 - 18 hrs per week /  $25 per hour

We are seeking an Administrative Assistant.   Ideally, but not a necessity we would like someone local in the Boulder/Longmont area.

Charley Cropley is a Naturopathic Doctor-Teacher. He is a visionary, philosopher & teacher who works and communicates uniquely with his patients & staff.  He requires a person who enjoys his creativity and is able to organize and help focus his work. He allows team members to work in their own style determining their own pace and priorities. 

Dr. Cropley specializes in teaching patients and students how to heal themselves by using kindness and authentic self-reflection to improve their ways of eating, exercising, thinking and relating. He no longer prescribes medicines or supplements. Dr. Cropley has a small private practice & home office in Longmont, Colorado. He offers online educational courses for patients, naturopathic doctors, and the general public, including retreats and workshops.   From the inception of a course, through the entirety of the course through to the end, you will be responsible for everything technical: website, workflows, emails, payments, zoom function, responses to queries.  

Administrative Assistant duties  ​

  • Edit the website (WIX)

  • Business software management (Healthie)

  • Solving technical issues 

  • Setting up work-flows and integrating creative and constructive input from Charley

  • Communication with patients

  • Research on a variety of topics

  • Prioritize and organize outcome of meetings with Charley

Your Cultivated Qualities & Skills

  • Ability to write clearly and concisely

  • Organized

  • Self Starter

  • Responsive to patients

  • Good critical and strategic thinking skills

  • Experience in the fields of office administration, personal and/or executive assistant roles, or equivalent

  • Know your way around an Apple Environment (iPhone, MacBook Air)


  • Zapier Integrations

    • Create and maintain automated systems/functions

  • Zoom

    • Set up meetings

    • Assist with tech help 

    • Be an administrator at online courses 

    • Send zoom recordings to patients and course participants

    • Video editing

  • Healthie - Business Software (Patient Portal)

  • Google Drive

  • Picmonkey/Canva

  • Stripe

  • Excel

  • Flodesk

  • WIX website editor

Qualities Valued in a Team-mate 

  • Honest and trustworthy to the max

  • An avid interest in living the principles and practices Dr. Cropley teaches. 

  • Self-learner, self-starter & critical thinker, able to solve problems 

  • Ability to prioritize and complete multiple projects with minimal supervision

  • Detail-oriented and skilled at organizing 

  • Bachelor's degree is appreciated 

Behind Red Curtains

Work with Us

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