What to Expect on Your Healing Journey

Your illness is a message. Your symptoms provide clear instructions for the care that your body needs to heal. You are self-healing.
— Charley Cropley, N.D.

Initial Visit

I take two full, one hour sessions to perform my initial evaluation. 

Why two sessions? Regardless of the name given to your illness I treat you as a totally unique person and I design a individualized program of care especially for you. I’ll inquire about your present health concerns, study your medical history, health history and health related behaviors to discover what brought you to your present state of concern.

I inquire about your beliefs, as well as your motivation and desire to heal. I look for the obstacles you must overcome to improve your habitual ways of eating, thinking and healing. Gaining a thorough understanding of what type of treatment will most help you, generally takes us two visits. 

Scope of Service

  • Education in Vitalistic Nutrition and fasting

  • Counseling in the psychology of self-healing

  • Education, training and tools in the 4 Pillars of Naturopathic Medicine (eating, moving, thinking, and relating)

I will work with you in the education of vitalistic nutrition, fasting, and mental health practices that will restore health and balance to your immune system and begin to reverse your illness. My approach will restore your body's natural regenerative and self-healing functions. This relationship is a collaboration as we will navigate what comes up and delve deeper into the layers of healing and restoring your vitality.

Continuing Care

After our initial visit, my typical client will see me every other week, for 30 to 60 minutes. During each visit, you are given a specific lesson to study along with a practical assignment for the next two weeks.

In addition to individual instruction, I also offer group instruction through conference calls, live classes and support groups. This combination of office visits, personal and group instruction and support is remarkably effective. As you improve the ways you eat, think, and live, your health problems unfailingly improve.



In my Naturopathic approach I won’t simply treat your symptoms; I will take you on a journey to discover your optimal health. 

  • Discover the root cause of your illness

  • Stop unintentionally increasing the severity of your symptoms

  • Avoid unnecessary, expensive and damaging surgeries and prescriptions

  • Learn how to create the level of health you desire simply with your own actions, not with pills

  • Strength, poise and grace in your physical body

  • Deep and fulfilling intimate relationships

  • Find emotional vibrancy, happiness, and hope

  • Peace of mind and positive self-talk

  • Gain the knowledge needed to use your diet, exercise, and mind to heal future health concern