Is everyone capable of Self-Healing?

Everyone is capable of Self-Healing. You are capable of Self-Healing.

Your ability to Heal is not feeble. It is both wise and powerful; capable of fulfilling itself. Your power and wisdom to self-Heal is the most essential and effective means of Healing you possess.


The role of kindness in self-healing

The most powerful and certain way to Heal your illness is to express your desire to care for yourself in practical action; in the ways you eat, move, think and relate.

Only by the power of kindness are we able to master our behavior. By turning our ordinary daily actions of eating, thinking, moving and relating into expressions of kindness, the intelligence of our body automatically self-Heals.

The wisdom of self-Healing is alive within you. Just as your body knows how to digest food and circulate blood, so it knows how to self-Heal.

Your desire to Heal yourself is the very essence of kindness, compassion and love. Kindness is different from forcing ourselves to start a diet, or start to exercise etc. Kindness springs from a desire that motivates us to change our behaviors. This kindness can be cultivated through learning to listen to our body. As we learn to listen, our behaviors begin to change. And our desires begin to change as well.

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Are you in touch with your ability to self-heal? 

How in touch are you with your innate power to Heal yourself? Do you know how to consciously, deliberately use your daily actions to Heal your disease? We learn to recognize that as surely as we are the cause of of our suffering, so too are we the Healers of our suffering.

Learning to Listen to our Body