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Physician, Heal Thyself

Webinars Featuring Methods of Unleashing Your Inner Healer

Each webinar is a therapeutic conversation,  guiding doctors in an embodied experience of their innate power to heal their own sickness and suffering.   We have meaningful inquiries into topics such as:
“Is illness wise and purposeful?” 
“Are our bodies and minds self-healing?”  
“What is our relationship with our body, hunger and anxiety?” 
“Are we at war with ourselves, deeply conflicted in what we desire and fear?” 
“What is our relationship with our conscience, our moral sense?” 
“How does our behavior change when we are being compassionately witnessed by others?”
“Is being witnessed by others essential to us?” 
“What does it mean, “First, do no harm.”?
“How do we ignore and suppress our self-healing power?” 
“What are we being asked to do and to stop doing?” 
“How do we find the power to free ourselves from our addictiveness?” 

"At each webinar, healthcare professionals are taught at least one doable, powerful practice which they can implement immediately in their personal lives and clinical practices." -Charley Cropley, ND

Presented by Charley Cropley, ND,  Founder, Teacher, Author

Dr. Cropley is a respected Naturopathic Physician-Teacher with 45 years of clinical experience and more than 50,000 patient visits. He has been practicing as a naturopathic doctor-teacher and is a thought leader and pioneer of Naturopathic Behavioral Medicine. More about Charley.

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