The Wisdom of Illness

Here is a table of contents for the video discourse-


  • 00:24: Caring Meditation

  • 05:12: The Naturopathic Model of Toxemia

  • 09:26: Toxemia: What Causes Illness?

  • 16:54: Acute Illness: The Body’s First Line of Defense

  • 21:09: The Body’s 4 Avenues of Self-Purification

  • 24:15: The Consequences of Suppressing Acute Illness

  • 25:17: The Causes & Treatment of Chronic Disease

  • 28:23: Illness: The Body’s Demand for Caring Attention

  • 30:49: Self Mastery: Life’s Greatest Challenge

  • 36:29: Master Your Behavior with Kindness

  • 38:44: Treat the Patient, Not the Disease

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The Mind Holds The Body Prisoner

Mind-Body: A Functioning Whole

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