Here is a table of contents for the video discourse.


  • 00:50: A Brief Recap of Toxemia

  • 02:44: Animal Healing vs Human Healing

  • 05:03: The Power of Our Actions to Harm & Heal

  • 07:51: The Enemy Within: The Dagger; Beowulf; The Charioteer

  • 12:43: Clarify Your Values

  • 16:20: Take the Test

  • 19:32: Kindness Heals Your Self-Harming Habits

  • 22:33: To Heal Your Behavior, Be Kind to Yourself, the Doer of That Behavior

  • 25:15: Compassionate Listening & Authentic Speaking

  • 28:57: The Three Bodies

  • 33:18: Make Your Body Beautiful

  • 34:44: Uniquely Human Medicine

  • 36:02: The Universal Medicine of Kindness 

Below is a supplemental video for our forum (11:28 min).

The Healing Self & the Suffering Egoic Self

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Questions & Assignments for Self-Governance Forum


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