You Are Self-Healing

Here is a table of contents for the video discourse.

You Are Self-Healing

  • 01:00: Medicine & Self-Healing

  • 03:35: Our Human Plight

  • 05:56: Nobody Else Can Heal You

  • 07:34: Who Is the Knower of Your Personal War?

  • 09:51: I Care About Myself: Innate Self-Caring

  • 13:38: You Are Self-Healing

  • 14:53: Heal Your Opposing Urges

  • 19:23: Heal the Doer of the Behavior

  • 20:37: Being Kind to Yourself Heals You

  • 22:53: The Healing Power of Nature

  • 24:49: Heal Your Identity

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