Radical Self-Healing Support Group


Have you repeatedly put forth strong efforts to improve some aspect of your health, and achieved some success, but then fallen back into your old destructive habits and lifestyle?

Do you promise yourself you will change, only to break your promise in the face of temptation?

Do you wish you had somebody to hold you accountable?


The obstacles to making sustainable changes in your ways of eating and living are formidable—you are insanely busy, your cravings may be out of control, you are too tired, you can’t stay motivated, your family and friends do not support your healthy choices, etc. You are imprisoned in a culture that systematically undermines your health; food is often unhealthy, and doctors prescribe highly toxic medications.

A Radical Self-Healing Support Group enables you to work out on a consistent basis, master your cravings, and create the lifestyle that produces health, happiness and beauty. With this system, you'll get clear on exactly how you want to feel in your body and mind, create a 3 month plan, and then, with great kindness, we support and hold each other accountable for living out our plan, one day at a time. Want to try it?


Take your Health back into your own hands.

Heal your own illness by healing your behavior.

Get strong, caring support to do this.


How Radical Self-Healing Support Group works:


Radical Self-Healing Group is a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to healing our bodies by healing our behavior. The program provides daily support to take doable steps to heal the behaviors you struggle with. During our weekly conference call, I share all of the strategies that I personally use to achieve the levels of Health and vitality that I enjoy.



  • Accomplish what you have been unable to accomplish on your own.
  • Your self esteem and self confidence grow stronger as you succeed consistently at challenges that previously defeated you.
  • Savor real improvements in the way your body looks and feels.
  • Watch your lab tests improve and reduce your medications.
  • Learn to heal your own anxiety. Grow calm and energized.
  • Form strong relationships with like minded people, committed to healing their body.
  • Feel supported and empowered in creating the lifestyle your body loves. 
  • Inspiring weekly hour-long conference call with Dr. Charley Cropley, N.D.
  • Daily support and accountability from your two partners.
  • Private Facebook support group and community.
  •  Enjoy feeling vitality, beauty, and strength in your body. 



Sign up for your first 3 months for an initial cost of $300. After your first 3 months you have the option to continue on a monthly basis for $50/month. 


“I would recommend this program to anyone who is self-motivated, in need of support to accomplish a goal, who has a particular goal they are trying to achieve, and who is willing to invest in building relationships dedicated to Health; someone who longs to love others, give to others, and feel like they are part of a community.”   —Lesley, Boulder


Don’t have the time?

A key indication that you will benefit from Radical-Self Healing Support Group is if you feel that you already do not have enough time to take on another project. The central purpose of Radical-Self Healing is to enable you to actually accomplish the good things you have been trying to get done, but cannot on your own. Radical-Self Healing balances your life. It literally creates more time in your schedule. By making yourself a priority in your own life, by feeling more alive and less anxious, you get more done.


Radical Self-Healing Support Group is NOT for:

Desperate people looking for a quick fix; those not already engaged in self-caring practices through eating, exercise and self-reflection; those not avidly interested in their health and improving themselves. If you don’t already read, study and practice self-healing behaviors or can’t see yourself speaking honestly and openly with others, then Radial Self-Healing is likely not for you.


Money back guarantee:

I am confident that if you participate fully in “Radical Self-Healing” you will have breakthroughs in your Health. If you follow the agreements of the program and don’t have results that are genuinely pleasing to you, I will refund your investment.